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AIEC Independent Election Commission 2014 Members :

IEC Chief IEC Chairman:
Dr. Azizullah Ludin, Ex-Chairman of the IEC died due to an illness in the United States (20150106)
Fazl Ahmad Manawi (his three years expired end of April 2013)
Dr. Muhammad Yosuf Nooristani Chairman of the IEC (20130807, 20150205)

Deputy Head of Independent Election Commission:
Abdul Khaliq Hussaini Pashaee (20130724)
Abdulrahman Hotaki Vice Chairman of the IEC (20130807)

Head Secretariat:
Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhil head of the secretariat.(20121203, 20130729) The IEC commissioners introduced Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhil to the president to appoint him as the head of the Secretariat of the Commission. (20130805 )Amarkhel Amarkhail was reappointed 20130806.
Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhil as Chief Electoral Officer of the IEC (20130807)

Independent Election Commission (IEC) Secretary Ziaul Haq Amarkhel on 20140623 announced his resignation in the wake of allegations regarding his involvement in fraud in the June 14  2014 runoff vote.(20140623) Former Secretariat Chief of the IEC, Zia Ul-Haq Amarkhail, is still roaming the city with two IEC vehicles.(201401101)

Amarkhail's Executive Assistant: Adam Khan Serat (20140623)
Deputy head of the IEC Secretariat:
Waleed Akbar Sarwari (20150205)
Mrs. Gulalai Achikzai Achakzai Secretary of the IEC (20130807)
Operational Deputy of the Independent Election Commission (IEC)’s Secretariat:

Dr Jawed Habibi Ahmad Javed Habibi (20130903, 20160618)

Commission's spokesman:
Noor Mohammad Noor (20120119, 2013070, 20150205)

New Members: (Terms 3 years) All these people have very close ties to President Karzai.
The following persons are the supervisors to media abuse in complaints committee of IEC: Abdul Wakil Nayebi, Farida Nickzad, Hashmat Radfar, Imam Warimach, and Najibullah Achitzai.(20131201)


The head of legal and judicial commission of the House of Representatives, Mohammad Abdoh, has accused the Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials of making secret deals with some members of the Parliament to prevent amendments to the election which the IEC officials fear would result in their dismissal from their position.(20150331)

Abdur Rahman Hotaki, , Oct,29, 2011: Civil Societies Coordination Jirga chairman (20111029),
Mrs. Gulalai Achakzai , she was a member of the preparatory Commission of the Traditional Loya Jirga (2011)
Mrs. Sharifa Zurmati Wardak, was one of the 68 Afghan women to win a seat in Wolesi Jirga 2005. She is a Journalist turned parliamentarian. She is a very conservative lady.
Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani, Spokesperson and Senior Aide to President Karzai (2002),
Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources and Environment in the Afghan Transitional Administration (2002), Deputy Minister of Defense (2006),
Governor Herat (20090118 - 20100824 )
Sareer Ahmad Barmak, judicary spokesman for the Criminal Justice Task Force (20090704) advisor to the chairman of the IEC and later joined UNDP (20130731)
Mrs. Laila Ihrari Laila Ahrari,  has worked for the IEC in other positions and has practical experience with organising elections too.
Qazi Suleman Hamid, Independent Election Commission 2009 Member IEC (20111227) Deputy minister of Hajj,
Mohammad Aziz Bakhtiari,
Mohammad Hussain Garziwani, (20120119) hailing from western Faryab province, has a master's in geology from an Azerbaijan university. Currently serving as a professor of geology at Kabul University, he has worked as advisor to the Wolesi Jirga's Commission on Natural Resources and Environment Protection.


More Background:

Afghanistan independent election (IEC) commissioner, Sharifa Zurmati confirmed that Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani and Sarir Ahmad Barmak were norminated for IEC chief position, and Abdul Rahman Hotaki along with Qazi Sulaiman were nominated for deputy IEC chief position. Gulalai Achekzai was nominated for the IEC secretariat position. Dr. Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani was elected IEC chief, Abdul Rahman Hotaki as deputy IEC chief and Gulalai Achekzai was elected as the head of the secretariat of the election commission of Afghanistan.

Ahmad Yousuf Nouristani, IEC Chairman

Ahmad Yousuf Nouristani was born in 1948 in a reputable family in Nouristan province and completed his secondary education in Rahman Baba High School by 1965. After high school, he entered the History and Geography department of Anthropology Faculty at the Kabul University and graduated with a Bachelor in 1970. In 1973, Nouristani received a Fulbright Scholarship to continue his higher education at the State University of Arizona and received a Master Degree in Anthropology in 1975. In 1981, he received his Ph.D in Near East Studies from the State University of Arizona and later in 2003 was awarded an honorary Ph.D by that University.

Dr. Nouristani has had considerable academic activities during his college life. He has tought for two years at the Kabul University as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and during 1975 – 1978 has worked as a researcher at the State University of Arizona. Dr. Nouristani has contributed considerable efforts to education during the Afghan Jihad. From April 1992 to May 1996, he served as the director of an elementary education project for Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. From 1985-1988, Dr. Nouristani has been from the founding members of Writers Union of Free Afghanistan (WUFA). Before 2001, Dr. Nouristani has served in prestigious research and humanitarian aid organizations as consultant, coordinator and director.

After the September 11 and consequent political changes in Afghanistan, Dr. Nouristani served as the Chief of Media and Spokesman for the Interim Administration from January 2001 to June 2001 led by Hamid Karzai. In the first cabinet of Interim Administration, Dr. Nouristani was appointed as the Minister of Irrigation and Environment, a position in which he played a crucial and substantial role in developing policies and drafting long term strategies. From 2005 to 2008, Dr. Nouristani served as the Deputy Minister of Defense and had considerably important role in fostering Afghanistan’s defense relations with its international allies.

From December 2009 to September 2010, Dr. Nouristani was the governor of Herat and in that capacity served diligently the interests of ancient Herat’s population. After the new Electoral Law, Dr. Nouristani was proposed by the Selection Committee among 27 candidates for membership of Election Commission to the president and was elected with 8 others as the Electoral Commissioners. Then, according to the results of internal election of the Commission, he was elected as the Chairperson of the Independent Election Commission and still serves in that position.

Mr. Abdurrahman Hotaki, IEC Deputy

Abdurrahman Hotaki son of HabiburrahmanHotaki was born in Kabul in 1963. He completed his secondary education in Shah Do Shamshira High School and pursued higher education up to a graduate master degree in Sociology, Philosophy and International Relations between 1982 and 1988.

AbudurrahmanHotaki has dedicated most of his life to institutionalization of human rights organizations and civil society. He is the founder of Afghanistan Human Rights and Environment Organization. In addition, he has worked extensively in government organizations from which the most important positions and services of him include: lecturing international relations at the Institute for Training of Cadres, managing public outreach and monitoring for the first presidential election in Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, head of accidents at the private sector transport directorate of the Ministry of Transport, veteran affairs deputy minister of Veterans and Martyrs, Board Member of Afghan Democrat Lawyers Association, Board Member for South Asian Countries Human Rights Organization, Member of Founding Committee of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, founding member of Afghanistan Human Rights and Civil Society Network, founding member of Culture and Civil Society Foundation, founding member of Afghanistan Civil Society Organization Coordination Centre, Board Member of Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations Network for Peace (ACSONP), Representative at the Emergency Loya Jirga, Representative and Senior Trainer at the Peace Traditional Loya Jirga, Representative and Senior Trainer at the

Sareer Ahmad Barmak, IEC Member

Mr. Sareer Ahmad Barmak was born in Kabul in 1978. After completion of his primary and secondary education, he graduated from Nadirya High School. He has completed his higher education with a master’s degree in Good Governance and International Development at University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and obtained his postgraduate degree in Human Rights and Transitional Justice from Justice & Compromise University of Cape Town.

Barmak has received his bachelor’s degree in the Media and Communication Field from Journalism Faculty of Kabul University.

Sareer Ahmad Barmak has had various duties and responsibilities in international and governmental organizations in which he has acquired sufficient experiences, information and skills on policies, methods, national and international laws and regulations in a variety of professional fields.

Summary of Work Experiences

Barmak has been elected as the IEC Commissioner for a period of six years. Before being elected as the IEC Commissioner, he worked as head of National Good Governance Program of UNDP within the Presidential Office. Furthermore, he served as a Senior Advisor to the IEC Chairman. His specific responsibilities in this position was to ensure and maintain relations with donor sources to provide funding for the Commission, establish relations with other organizations and ministries to provide and ensure coordination in relation to electoral activities throughout the country.

Previous Jobs

  • From 2007 up to 2009: Head of Media and Public Relations / Spokesperson for Counter Narcotics Judicial Center, Attorney General Office and the Supreme Court
  • From 2006 up to 2007: Head of Programs of Global Rights Organization in Afghanistan
  • 2005 up to 2006: Senior Program Officer of Global Rights Organization in Afghanistan
  • Senior Assistant to Minister of Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for 9 months in 2004
  • Head of ARRD IN 2003
  • Deputy Head of Operations of GTZ project at the Commission on Drafting the Afghan Constitution for 8 months in 2002
  • From 1999 up to 2001: Administrative Assistant of FFWPU

Mohammad Aziz Bakhtiari, IEC Member

Mohammad Aziz Bakhtiari S/O Alhaj Kalabi Hasan was born in Jaghory district of Ghazni province in 1963. He has completed school in his village and immigrated to Iran in 1979. He has completed Islamic Studies in Kashan-o-Qam Institute and completed his Master in Socialogy in Imam Khumaini University. After completing master in 1996, he was hired as a lecturer and researcher in the mentioned university. He has established the social research organisation in cooperation with other friends in Kabul. He was hired as advisor to the minister in the Ministry of Education (MoE) and was engaged in the department of textbooks writing process.

He has been the lecturer of socialogy and dean of Social Sciences Department in Kateb University since 2007. In addition, he was the chancellor of Kateb University from 2010 up to 2012. He started his Ph.D in Mahatma Gandhi University, New Delhi. Presently, he is working upon the Ph.D thesis. In 2013, he was selected as the member of IEC (Independent Election Commission) by president.

Suleiman Hamed, IEC Member

Suleiman Hamed was born in Badghis province in 1960. He completed his the secondary education in Chashma Sultan village and graduated from Fakhrul Madares High Madrasa. He has done his higher education in Social Science and Theology.

Jurist Suleiman Hamed has worked in different positions within the Afghanistan government including lecturer at the Hazrat Khaled Madrasa in Badghis, Director of Anti-Crime department of Badghis, First Deputy Police Chief of Badghis, Administrative Director of Badghis Governor, Director of Government’s Legal Cases in Badghis, Director of Commercial Court of Herat, Interim Director of Herat Courts, Director of Badghis Courts, Representative in Ahl Hal-u-Aqd Shura, Representative in Emergency Loya Jirga, Representative in Constitutional Loya Jirga, Legal and Judicial Adviser to the President, Deputy Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs, Adviser to the Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs and Commissioner at the Independent Election Commission.

 In addition to Dari and Pashtu, he has a strong command of English and Arabic.

Mohammad Hussain Gurziwani, IEC Member

Professor Muhammad Hussain Gurziwani was born on 1956 in Gurzwani district of Fariab province, he obtained his Bachelor in geology, and he has acquired his Masters degree in field of geology from Azerbaijan University.

Gurzwani was instructor in geology Faculty of Kabul University, and has done professions as head of geology department, Dean of geology faculty, head of administration of national assembly and as Advisor for environment in Wolesi Jirga.

Mrs. Dr. Laila “Ahrari”, IEC Member

Dr. AherariDr. Laila “Aharari” was born in 1970 in Shahzada Street, Phase 5 of Herat city. She has completed her primary and secondary education in Mahr-e-Herawi High School and received her master in Pharmacy from Kabul University. Now, she is completing her another master in Law and Political Sciences. In addition, she participated in professional training of leadership development having been held in Anguff Institute, New-Delhi and Election Management Training in Indian Election Commission, New-Delhi. She has around 12 - year experience in election affairs and has performed a key role in election processes in Afghanistan.

She worked as a trainer at IEC HQ and as a manager of capacity building and public outreach departments in Herat Provincial and Wester Regional Office, as an international observer in presidential election of India and Armanistan, as head of Salik Social and Charity Trust engaged in creating job opportunities, capacity building process of women and support of democracy. Before election-related responsibilities, she worked as the director of Herat Health Sciences Institute, lecturer in Herat Medical Faculty, officer of UNICEF-related clinics and consultant in MDM and MSF and representative of Herat people in Emergency Loya Jirga.

She has been active in social and cultural services in Herat and so as to defend rights of women, she conducted lots of programs in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Gulalai Achakzai, Secretary and IEC Member

گلالی اڅکزی GulalaiAchakzai was born in district four of Kandahar province in a very open-minded family. She attended school at Zarghona Ana High school and entered Kabul University. She completed her bachelor in Theology at Kabul University and received a Master of psychology. She has served the Afghan government for 14 years in different positions and capacities including teaching at the Afshar female High School, KhairKhana number 1 female high school, senior advisor to the minister of women affairs and has worked with UNCDAP in Kandahar for four years. After the establishment of the new government, she started working with the Independent Human Rights Commission in Kandahar as a Deputy of Oversight and Investigation of Human Rights Violations Unit for eight years.

She has participated in Berlin Conference, London Conference and has been a member of Peace Consultative Jirga and a member of the Commission to Convene the Traditional Jirga. She has received an honorary gold medal from the President of Afghanistan for her outstanding works in service of the country. In 2013, she was selected by the Afghanistan’s President to sit on the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.



Awrang Zeb, Deputy of CEO

Mr. Awrang zeb son of Muhammad Hasan was born in 30 March 1979 in Paktia Province of Afghanistan, He finished his secondary and High School education at Sheer Khan high school in 2003 in Kunduz province.

In 2004 he enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul University and graduated from the same university in 2007.

From April 22, 2008 till Jan 12, 2011 he worked as senior officer at Ministry of Higher education.

From Jan 12, 2011 till March 12, 2012 Awrang zeb was appointed as admin and finance director of Paktika Province.

Between March 14, 2012 till November 6, 2013 he served as procurement and services director of The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).

In November 19 2013 till now Awrang zeb appointed as Deputy Chief electrical officer in Independent Election Commission in this period Mr, Awrang Zeb has enough contribution and achievements in both Presidential Election and Provincial assemblies Election.

Awrang Zeb, has working in different positions during his seven years continuous serving to the Afghan government where he has got number of appreciation letters for his achievement. Awrang Zeb has visit some foreign countries like South Korea and Russia to participate in different learning seminars and workshops.

Mohammad Farid Afghanzai (Head of External Relations Department)

Mohammad Farid Afghanzai was born in Kabul in 1979, graduated from Habibiya high school in Kabul, acquired his B.A in administration and diplomacy from faculty of Law and Political Science of Kabul University in 2000, he completed his post graduate studies in Judicial Institute. Afghanzai earned his MA in Public Policy and Administration from Kabul and University of Washington of USA in 2010 and currently he is doing his Doctorate in Indian School of Business Management and Administration. Afghanzai has educational background and earned Diploma in Leadership Development in country and in USA.

Afghanzai has served as Public Prosecutor in Attorney General Office for three years. He has worked as Juvenile Justice Project Coordinator for JVC. During Presidential Election 2004 he worked with FEFA and in during Parliamentary Election 2005 he served as Provincial Election Commissions Legal Support Officer in JEMB legal Department. Since 2006 he is working as head of Information & External Relation Department-IECS.

Afghanzai is a Human Rights & Civil Society activist; he is founder member of Afghan Election Officials Association-AEOA, Afghanistan Organization for Human Rights Development-AOHRD as well as Founder and President of Organization for Leadership Development Studies-OLDS. He has attended many national and international seminars, conferences and training programs and has written many scientific articles in relates to Human Rights, Election and Leadership. He speaks Dari, Pashto and English.

Mrs. Monama Mansoor Sadat (Head of Planning and Procedures Department)

Ms. Monama Mansoor Sadat was born in Kabul City in 1964 and completed her higher education in the field of National Economy Planning in the Faculty of Economics at Kabul University.

She has served from 1985 to 1996 as a planning and legal consulting general manager at the labor section of the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs. In addition, she worked as a Physics and Math teacher in Peshawar city of Pakistan and later on from 2003 to 2008 as cultural affairs manger, deputy and acting director of planning and external relations department at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Mrs. Monema Mansoor Sadat participated in several national and international conferences and workshops with respect to women’s education, management and leadership and she can speak Pashto, Dari and English languages.

Khalid Ahmad Orya (Head of Legal Department)

Mr. Khalid Ahmad OryaKhalid Ahmad Orya has completed his primary education at Rahman Meena School and obtained his high school degree from Sayed Noor Muhammad Shah High School. He has finished his high education at the Administrative and Diplomacy Department of Law and Political Science Faculty in Kabul University.

Khalid Ahmad Oray has served as a senior expert in Legislative and Judicial Affairs with the Afghan Counter Narcotics High Commission. He has worked with JEMBS as the first Field Coordinator both in the first presidential election and 2006 parliamentary election in Afghanistan.

Khalid Ahmad Oray has, for some time, functioned as head of key sales department in the Afghan Telecommunication Company.

Given that he owned sufficient professional experiences in the election process, Mr. Orya was appointed as the Deputy Head of the IEC Legal Department in 2007 and later he was appointed as the Head of the IEC Legal Department beyond grade based on the President’s order and through open competition. Khalid Ahmad Orya has also worked as the Chief of Secretariat of the Vetting Commission during 2008 Wolesi Jirga election.

Orya is an advocate of Human Rights and also an activist of Civil Society and is proud to be a founder member of the Social Association of Electoral Staff. He has actively taken part in a number of methodical seminars, scientific conferences and training programs conducted on electoral issues in and out of the country. He has received letters of appreciation in recognition of his good services. Orya has proficiency in both national (Dari and Pashtu) languages and is completely familiar with English language.

Ahmad Shah Rafiq (Head of Finance and Administration)

Mr. Ahmad Shah RafiqAhmad Shah Rafique graduated from Naderia high school in 1980 and completed his B.A in Geology department of geo science faculty of Kabul University in 1987. Mr. Rafique started his career with establishment of legislative branch after three decade war in the country as administrative officer and financial administrative, also Rafique was Head of office for IEC chairman and now he is serving as Head of Finance and administration at Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

Rafique participated in different democracy, leadership, analysis of constitution and Parliamentary affair conferences in and out of country he also has good knowledge of leadership and election. He speaks Dari, Pashto and English.

Mr. Ahmad Mansoor Farid (Head of HR)

Mr. Ahmad Mansoor FaridAhmad Mansoor Farid was born in Kabul in the year 1976 and obtained his baccalaureate certificate from Abd-ul-Hadi Davi Higher Secondary School. It is worth mentioning that Farid completed his L.L.B. Degree (B.A.) at the University of Kabul in 2004.

He worked in HR sections of different governmental and non-governmental organizations; for example, he was staff record manager and general HR manager at the Ministry of Education for three years. Moreover, he, through open completion, was hired as a general in charge of HR section of IECS of IEC; then, he, based on order of President’s Office, was appointed as Head of HR Dept of IECS in the year 2010.

Farid has participated in many national and international workshops under the titles of HR Management, Election Management and Change Management. He is proficient in Dari, Pashto and English.

Mr. Ahmadullah Archiwal (Head of Public Outreach)

Ahmadullah ArchiwalAhmadullah Archiwal has B.SC Degree in Chemistry from Kabul University, BA in Political Science from the University of Peshawar, MA from the University of Peshawar, and MA in International Affairs from the New School University (where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar). He has also been a PhD student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, for the last one and a half year.Archiwal has worked in many organizations such as the US Embassy in Kabul, IWPR, CIJ, OSCAR and UNAMA in the capacities of Political Military Advisor, Media Trainer, Director and Public Information Officer respectively.

He is the author of the book, A Guide to Nonviolent Civic Mobilization, and has translated Why Civil Resistance Works, Civilian Jihad in the Middle East, and Mukhtara Mayee from English into Pashto. In addition, Archiwal, recently, authored a book, Pashton – the Flip Side of the Coin that has been published in English in Germany. Moreover, Archiwal has written a number of articles on political and social issues in English and Pashto languages.



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