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Independent Election Commission 2015 (IEC)

Name Independent Election Commission 2015 (IEC)
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Function/Grade Wolesi Jirga Committee selecting IEC members
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Wolesi Jirga committee for selecting Independent Election Commission (IEC) members:
1. Wolesi Jirga speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi,
2. Meshrano Jirga Chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar,
3. acting chief justice Prof. Abdul Salam Azimi,
4. Head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) Dr. Sima Samar,
5. Independent Commission of Oversight and Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC) head Prof. Gul Rahman Qazi
Nader Nadery,  chairperson  at  Free  &  Fair  Elections  Forum  of  Afghanistan  (FEFA)  to represent CSOs in the appointing committee sought the consent of all the participants.

President Hamid Karzai appointed nine members of the Independent Election Commission on 20130729, a day after he was sent a list of 28 nominees in line with a new poll law.

Najibullah Amin, the deputy head of the administrative affairs office at the Presidential Palace, said in Kabul Karzai had chosen nine of the candidates.

The newly- appointed IEC members are Abdur Rahman Hotaki, Gulalai Achakzai, Sharifa Zurmati, Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani, Sareer Ahmad Barmak, Laila Ihrari, Qazi Suleman Hamid, Mohammad Aziz Bakhtiari and Mohammad Hussain Garziwani.


On 20130729 the selection committee sent the names of 27 candidates to President Karzai to be considered as Independent Election Commission (IEC) commissioners:

1- Nurul Habib Nassar, 2- Junaidullah Zahir, 3- Sayed Rahim Satar, 4- Abdul Rahman Hotaki, 5- Gulalai Achakzai, 6- Sharifa Zurmati Wardak, 7- Aziza Abdul Takhwa, 8- Assadullah Falah, 9- Sarer Ahmad Barmak, 10- Abdul Ghayoor, 11- Jarullah Mansoori, 12- Sayed Farooq Omar, 13- Mohammad Alam Paykan, 14- Mohammad Hussain Grezwanai, 15- Qazi Soraya Ahmadyar, 16- Mohammad Aziz Bakhtyari, 17- Masouma Muradi, 18- Abdul Ghani Kazimi, 19- Din Mohammad Jawid, 20- Laila Ehrari, 21- Sulaiman Hamid, 22- Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani, 23- Kashan Sanka Hunaryar, 24- Haji Emam Qul Sabir, 25- Ajmal Blochzada, 26- Obaid Khan Noori, 27- Khaja Mohammad Sediq Hamid Sediqi.

Karzai appointed the committee under Article 8 of the law to speed up the election process and ensure transparency in the democratic exercise. The body will recommend 27 candidates within four days to the president, who will choose nine of them.(20130720)

Based on the provision 8 of the Law on Structure, Composition and Mandate of IEC and  ECC, the  appointing  committee is comprised of six members  including the head of  the Senate (Mishrano Jirga), head  of  the  Lower House (Wolesi Jirga), head of the  Supreme Court, head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, head of the Committee on Monitoring the Implementation of the Constitution and the  representative of  civil  society. (20130723)

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