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Baharak District, Badakshan Province Badakhshan

Name Baharak District, Badakshan Province Badakhshan
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief Taliban
History and Biodata

District Chief:
Akhtar Muhammad (20071211)
Qhorban Ali, Tajik from Baghlan Province (20090215)
Daulat Mohamed (20091200)
Abdul Sami Abdul Sami Atiq (20151106, 20160801)
Noor Agha Naderi, (20200501)

District Police Chief:
Col. Qari Abdul Wadood Wodod Waddud, Tajik from nearby Shuhada district who is affiliated with Hizb-i Islami (2008, 20090111 )

Taliban Commander:
Mullah Amrudin arrested on 20110920

Baharak is the last major settlement on the road heading east to Ishkasham. Between lies the boulder field of Warduj, a district that has a significant number of insurgents. The pocket of fighters there is a puzzling development considering that the entire province contains almost no ethnic Pashtuns, who make up the vast majority of the insurgency elsewhere, and Badakshan was a last redoubt for the Northern Alliance during their darkest hours fighting the former Taliban government in Kabul. The insurgents in Warduj appear to be supporting themselves by infiltration routes from nearby Pakistan and possibly the drug trade that they allow to flow along the same road that they deny to police and army personnel. Baharak is the second biggest town and bazaar of Badakhshan.(2011) The district Police Chief position in Baharak is a lucrative one given its central position to trade in opium in the province. ((2011) In Badakshan Aga Khan Foundation has alternative livelihoods  project in the Baharak district.(20120531)

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