Afghan Biographies

Baha, Bahaudin Bahauddin

Name Baha, Bahaudin Bahauddin
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1942
Function/Grade Supreme Court Criminal Division President
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:

Director of legal verdict of the ministry of justice (1965)
Judge of the commercial court of the Kabul province (1965-1968)
Director of commercial court of Herat (1967-1972)
Chief of the office of the prime minister of the time Dr Muhammad Musa Shafiq (1972-1973)
Director of commercial division of appeals court (1973-1977)
Director of commercial court of Kandahar province (1977-1980)
Instructor of judicial interns course (1980-1989)
Director of Sayed Jamaludin Afghani Islamic center in California, USA, (1996-2002)
Founder and Director of Mawlana Jalauddin Balkhi foundation in California, USA (1998-2003)
Director general of judicial reform commission (2003-2005)
Member of the judicial advisory board of the office of the president (2005-2006)
Member of the Justice And Legal Board Of The President Of Afghanistan (2008),

3. Biodata
Baha-u-din Baha son of Ghulam Nabi is born in the year 1321 corresponding to 1942 in Herat province.  Baha was graduated of Arabic Studies Center in Kabul in the year 1960 which was considered as an equivalent to bachelor’s degree by Al Azhar University. Baha after receiving specialization in Islamic Law in the year 1964 he later continued his education at master’s level in Bilford university of USA.

In 2002, Baha was appointed as the Chairman of the Independent Judicial Reform Commission. He was re-appointed to the Afghan Supreme Court in 2006. A former Supreme Court Justice, Justice Baha is a senior member of High Judicial Council of the Supreme Court and serves as the President of the Criminal Division of Supreme Court.

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