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Federation of Afghanistan Civil Society (FACS)

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Chairman of the Federation of Afghanistan's Civil Society (FACS):
Ansari Siddiq MansoorSiddiq Mansoor Ansari (20120913)


The Federation of Afghanistan Civil Society (FACS) is a non-governmental organizations. It serves to be the councils, society and cultural organizations for the national federation.  It has been striving to avoid corruptions, killing, current chaos in the country and to ensure national security, stability , law and justice, good governance in the country.
Contacts: 0785099778 and 0788161853

According to the Federation of Afghanistan Civil Society (FACS), the Supreme Group is due to pay about USD 22mn to Afghan logistics firms. The FACS has, therefore, called on the government to pressure the Group to clear dues and resolve contractors’ problem. FACS chief Sadiq Mansoor Ansari further alleged that the foreign firm had also withheld wages of laborers and fares of vehicles, adding that the Group officials were staying in Dubai, with no official presence in Afghanistan.(20130716)

The Federation Afghanistan Civil Society (FACS) chief Siddique Ansari said 20140129 that any security deal with Washington was against national, human and legal values as well as the US forces stay in Afghanistan would trigger further instabilities in the country and region.According to him, the USAID had designated some Afghan agents to raise the voice for hurrying President Karzai to sign the so-called bilateral security agreement (BSA). “On behalf of the Afghan people, I am ready for argument with President Hamid Karzai to prove illegitimacy of the pact”, he warned asking the president not to sign the deal.Confirming Ansari’s anti-BSA deal remarks, a loya jirga member and founder of the Afghan Paper, Prof. Mohammad Hassan said the US had wide interfere in loya jirga, hastening the members to ask for signing the pact as soon as possible.  “The jerga members after precise study of the deal text realized the contents were mostly against the regional stability”, said Hassan adding he therefore resigned of his membership from the grand tribal assembly.(20140131)

The Federation of Afghanistan Civil Society (FACS) said the Governor and security officials of eastern Nangarhar province should be brought to justice for their failure to prevent Daesh attacks in the Kot district. Seddiq Mansoor Ansari, FACS head, told a press conference in Kabul that Daesh or Islamic State (IS) rebels attacked Saypai and some other areas of Kot district and caused heavy casualties to civilians.(20160626)

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