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Baryalai, Hassam Eng

Name Baryalai, Hassam Eng
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade Ministry of Communications and IT Deputy
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:

Baryalai HassamEng. Baryalai Hassam Barialay was born in 27July, 1963 in Faizabad city of Badakhshan Province. He has been in charge of Telecommunications and IT affairs of the Government of Afghanistan as Deputy Minister-Technical in the Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) since Dec, 2001. H.E. Hassam is Bachelor Degree holder and has Diploma in Liberalized Telecom Market from Sweden. He has also obtained Business Administration Degree from Kardan Institute of  Higher Education  Kabul in 2010. His field of study is Specialization: Electrical, Telecom, and Management;

Hassam has more than 20 years of total experience in the Management of Telecom and IT Sectors of Afghanistan. He has worked in the Telecom Services Department of the Ministry of Communications and IT of Afghanistan from 1990 to 1994. Thereafter, he undertook Senior Management Position in the Office of His Excellency President of the Country, where he worked as a Member and also as Chief of the President’s Office from 1994 to 2001. After having a successful tenure of 07 years in the Office of the President of the country, he was appointed as Deputy Minister-Technical of the Government in the Ministry of Communications and IT of the Government of Afghanistan in Dec. 2001. For the last 10 years (from 2001 till date), he has been working as Deputy Minister-Technical of MCIT, where he has been managing all the Telecom and IT Projects of the Country. In MCIT, he has been holding the topmost management positions like Chairman of the Technical Board and the Chairman of the Project Implementation Coordination Unit.

As Deputy Minister-Technical of MCIT, he has been dealing with Technical Management related activities of all the Telecom and IT Projects funded by the World Bank, USAID, ADB and many other leading Donors since 2002. Hassam has played a leading role in revolutionizing Telecommunications in Afghanistan, where the Telecom density has grown from 5 % to 70 % during last 10 years.

H.E. Hassam’s current major responsibilities are

- Deputy Minister-Technical of the Ministry of Communications and IT

- Chairman of Overseas Events Commission of the Ministry

- Chairman of Technical Board of the Ministry

- Board Member of GSM Company (AWCC)

- Board Member of Afghan Telecom

- Board Member of Information and Communications Technology Institute

- Member of Media High Council.

Beside his current job in MCIT, he is researching in the Development Studies for Masters (MBALS) at University of Cambria & Robert Kennedy College, the UK.

He speaks Dari, Swedish and English

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