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Gizab District Uruzgan Province

Name Gizab District Uruzgan Province
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
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Gezab District Chief Urozgan Oruzgan Province:

Dr. Abdullah Khan (20110418, 20130207, 20150607) Abdullah, and his three guards were wounded in the blast and were rushed to nearby hospital, the injured were in stable condition.(20130207)
Haji Khoshal (20161107)

District Police Chief:
Lalay (2010), Agha Lalai (20120525) Lalai Achekzai (20170612)



Gizab District is a mixed Hazara-Pashtun district. Gizab, a rather remote district in northern Uruzgan, was taken by the Taliban in 2005 when the district governor and local police chief left their stations and didn’t return (which is how districts usually fall into Taliban hands). In May 2008 the Afghan government did explore the possibility of a military operation. Discussions were held with the international military; the governors of Uruzgan and Daikondi were tasked to draft a plan of action; while Uruzgan strongman Jan Mohammad tried to muster the necessary military force by mobilising local commanders who had left the area (among others the Timuri from Khalaj and the Karimzai khans). They were willing but non-committal and the plan never developed beyond its initial meetings. 2010 the SF then turned their attention to a few Hazara villages in Gizab, where local forces were recruited to participate in operations against their Pashtun neighbours – a risky move in an area where inter-ethnic relations are fragile (there have been reports of recent misbehaviour by the Hazara recruits).


Some of the Pashtun villagers in central Gizab had also been in touch with the Special Forces, so when one of them got in trouble, he called his newly made friends. Lalay, also known as Lala Jan, had come under immense pressure after an argument with a Taliban commander over government compensation money, which had ended in a firefight. He decided not to wait until they came for him, gathered a few friends, set up a makeshift check post, “arrested” a few Taliban and called for help.


Lalay was appointed local police chief, which currently means that he heads the local guardian militia, as no police have been sent up yet. He is from the same Karimzai subtribe as the two cousins who had been killed, so it should come as no surprise that Mullah Hafez, and several others, did not survive the revolt. The new district governor, Dr Abdullah, and deputy police commander, Seifullah, have returned from Kandahar to take up their posts. Dr Abdullah was Gizab’s first district governor after Karzai came to power.

Taliban captured the bazaar and the district administration building of Gizab district of central Uruzgan province. (20210603) The district headquarters, the bazaar, the police headquarters and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) compound in Gizab district in Uruzgan province have fallen to the Taliban after days of fighting (20210607)

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