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Badghis PC 2009

Name Badghis PC 2009
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Badghis PC Members 2009
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9 members total inculding 3 women.
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Head of provincial council in Badghis
Munshi Ramazan Sorkhabi (20091109),

Badghis Province council member Amanullah Shahabzai was killed by a remote-controlled bomb.(20120514)

1 Ḥájí 8,967 7. 5%
2. Haji Mohammad Nasser 6,299 5. 3%
3. Haji Mohammad Khan: Yar: 5,580 7%
4. That day. 5,543 4. 7%
5 Haji Abdolmajid 5,283 4. 4%
6 Abdul Kabir 5,152 4. 3%
7 ضیاگل 3,287 2. 8%
8 Mrs. Suraya Mohammadi” 2,911 2. 4%
9 Mrs. Fariba 1,635 1. 4%



The provincial council of Badghis province comprised nine members. But their number reduced to eight when one member of the body, Amanullah Shahabzi was killed in a roadside bombing.
Haji Abdul Mujib Shakib serves as director, Maulvi Abdul Basit Sarm as deputy and Zya Gul Habibi as secretary of the panel.
1 - Haji Abdul Mujib Shakib:
Haji Abdul Mujib Shakib was born in 1942 and lives in Qala-i-Naw, the provincial capital. He had private business during the Mujahideen and Taliban era. In the past, he worked at various government departments in the province and had completed his higher education.
Contacts: 0772779889
2 – Maulvi Abdul Basit Sarm:
Maulvi Abdul Basit Sarm was born in 1979. He lives in Qala-i-Naw. He serves as deputy of the provincial council. He got religious studies until 14 grade. Earlier, he served as prayer leader and a leading tribal elder.
Contacts: 0799574027
3 – Zia Gul Habibi:
Zia Gul Habibi was born in 1979 who is now living in Qala-i-Naw. He serves as secretary of the provincial panel. Habibi holds a diploma from a teacher training college. Earlier, he served as school teacher.
Contacts: 0796298086
4 – Haji Mohammad Nasir Nazari:
Haji Mohammad Nasir Nazari was born in the Aab Kamari district of Badghis province in 1976. He completed his political sciences faculty in Pakistan. Earlier, he has political affiliation with the Junbish-i-Millie party.
Contacts: 0796600010
5 – Mrs. Fariba Rahmani:
Fariba Rahmin was born in 1975. She lives in the provincial capital. She completed his high school education. She has no political affiliation.
6 – Faizullah Azimi:
Faizullah Azimi was born 1978. He lives in Jowand district. He had membership of Jamiat-i-islami party in the past.
7 – Abdul Kabir Munib:
Abdul Kabir Munib was born in 1986. He lives in Jowand district. He completed his high school education. Earlier, he has political affiliation with Junbish-i-Millie party.
8 – Mrs. Suraya Mohammadi:
Suraya Mohammadi was born in 1985. She lives in Jowand district. She completed her high school education. She has no political affiliation with anyparty.
9 – Amanullah Shahabzai:
Late Amanullah Shahabzai died in a roadside bomb blast in the Ghormach district of Badghis province last year. The 45-years-old was hailing from Ghormach district. He served as commander of Hezb-i-Islami party led by Gulbadin Hekmatyar.


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