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High Economic Council HEC

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Composition of High Economic Council:

The President is the head of this Council and the following are the members:

Second Vice-President

Chief Executive

First Deputy to Chief Executive

Minister of Foreign Affairs

National Security Advisor

Minister of Finance

Senior Advisor to the President on Infrastructure, Human Resources and Connectivity

Minister of Industries and Commerce

Minister of Economy

Minister of Mines and Petroleum

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Minister of Public Works

Director of Da Afghanistan Bank

Director of Central Statistics Office

3 representatives from the private sector

1 representative from chamber of commerce

1 representative from union of industrialists

1 national trader in a rotational manner in line with agreed standards

Other members may participate if necessary

Former Secretary to the High Economic Council (HEC):
Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Minister of Economy  (20121220)


High Economic Council

Despite progress made and achievements gained during the last 14 years, Afghanistan is faced with acute challenges of economic development, poverty alleviation, creation of continuous employment for the youth, creation of a suitable environment for investment and promotion of private sector. It requires improved coordination among the relevant government institutions of Afghanistan to draw up and implement national economic development policies which lead to self-sufficiency of Afghanistan at the backdrop of international forces withdrawal, diminished assistance from donor countries and organizations, and deteriorated security situation. Taking into account the mentioned facts, the Cabinet approved the designs and creation of development councils including High Economic Council in the meeting held on 02 September 2015. Accordingly, the High Economic Council was constituted on 14 April 2016 in accordance with Decree issued by President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Objectives of High Economic Council:

  • To decide on policies, make decisions and take reformative actions which culminate in prosperity and economic development
  • To manage national budget in line with national reformative programs and government priorities
  • To cooperate with the private sector
  • To attract investment in different sectors

Main duties of High Economic Council:

  • To determine essential financial and economic objectives and policies, short-term, medium-term and long-term development priorities of the government in accordance with national budget structure
  • To evaluate and make decisions on national economic plans and reforms
  • To initiate coordination on policies and programs of development and economic sectors
  • To create a suitable environment for coaxing business people to invest
  • To issues necessary instructions on following and coordinating nationally prioritized programs, regional economic cooperation programs and national and international economic meetings

The High Economic Council calls for monthly meetings and also extraordinary meetings, if need be, are held as per instructions of the President.

The Ministry of Finance is entrusted with carrying out secretariat tasks of High Economic Council such as making necessary preparations for holding the meetings, implementing the decisions made in the meeting and managing the technical issues.

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