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Gohari, Raouf Abdul Dr.

Name Gohari, Raouf Abdul Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1956
Function/Grade Kabul University Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
History and Biodata

Dr. Abdul Rauf Guhari

2. Previous Functions:
Vice-president of the economics faculty
Kabul University Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (20120000-)

3. Biodata:
guhari_raufDr. Abdul Rauf Guhari was born in 1956, in the Saghar district of Ghor province. He has achieved his baccalaureate degree from Sultan Ala-u-din Ghori high school in 1976. He admitted the faculty of economics of Kabul University in 1977 and has successfully achieved the bachelor degree of economics in 1980 from the mentioned faculty, after the graduation he joined the army and after serving the army period he joined the faculty as a lecturer in 1382. He has achieved his master degree in Finance and banking from 1983 till 1985. He traveled to Moscow for achieving his PhD in 1988 and achieved his PhD in economics by end of 1992.

Guhari is the author of many academic articles in economics, was fully involved in lecturing program of the faculty and currently he is the academic member of the finance and banking department of the faculty. He has successfully carried out his task as the vice-president of the economics faculty and currently he is the vice-chancellor of Kabul University in student affairs.

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