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qatali_wahidSayed Wahid Qatali, a Herat Provincial Council (2009) Member and scion of one of Heart city's richest families. He is the Head of Arya Security Company. (20120312) Qatali is close to Ismael Khan. Sayed Wahid Qattali rented a house for $1,500 a month, built a studio and this month began Herat’s newest television station, Asar, or Time, which he describes as pro-democratic. He also started a radio station focused solely on women and their issues. (20121119) Sayed Wahid Qetali is a member of the Herat's Mujahidin Council (20120426)
Sayed Wahid Qatali comes from a very prominent family of former mujahedin and long-term Ismail Khan’s associates. His brother runs a security company which, alone, has apparently managed to retain contracts on the road to Shindand in face of the deployment of the Afghan Public Protection Force and the dissolution of private companies. His father is the founder of the Museum of Jihad in Herat where Ismail Khan’s collection of war relics is on display.
Wahid Qatali is young and educated and apparently independently-minded: in 2012, he ran for the Provincial Council chair against Faizzada and against Ismail Khan’s better advice. One year later, when Ismail Khan switched his support from Faizzada to Qatali, he apparently had troubles in convincing Qatali to fall in line and participate again in the election. At any rate, the strong ties of his family with Ismail Khan can hardly be denied.

Gen. (retd.) Sayed Abdel Wahab Qattali, is the founder of the People's Museum, or Manzar-e Jahad, in Afghanistan's western Herat city Qattali was himself a Mujahidin fighter in Herat and at age 19 joined the legion of mutinous ethnic Tajik Afghan-army- commander-turned-militia-leader Ismail Khan, who recaptured Herat after the Soviet Union's defeat, becoming its governor. Qattali defends Khan's record. (20100426)


The FAIZI-Group is a Qatali Qattali Qetali family-held business group with varied interests across Afghanistan, mainly in Heart and Kabul. The group came into being in 2003, Since then, it has ventured into other industries, and is currently involved in Security Management, Ground & Ocean Cargo; Express Transportation; Vehicle Sales, Leasing, and Servicing; Construction and Building Materials; import and export of goods from other countries like China, Russian, EU, US and General Trade and the Sale of energy drinks.


Faizi Group of Companies

Arya Security Company - ASC
Faizi Import & Export, Trading Company – FIETC
Faizi International Freight Transport Company – FIFTC
Ebtekar Faizi Construction Company – EFCC
Faizi Agriculture and Livestock Company – FALC

Main Office in Herat City, Afghanistan
District 8, Qoul-e-Urdo Families
Ansari Street No 6, Herat City
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Mobile No: 0703188424 – 0788500614 -  0798171171

Sub-Office in UAE
Al Sawan, Ahmad Shah ali Building Office No.403
P.O.Box 6048, Ajman
United Arab Emirates – UAE

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