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Jihadi Council deputy chief:
Khuwaja Shamsuddin (20121111)

Mohammad Ismael Khan, the water and energy minister, said implementing security and guarding the Afghanistan achievements will not continue without the Jihadis' figures so the National Mujahidin Council seems essential to be established to back a people oriented system. He added the Jihadi leaders in various provinces consent to establish the council.  He demanded the Herat Jihadi figures to provide the local officials and the Herat residents' security. (20120823)

On Nov. 1, Ismail Khan told a huge gathering in Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Hall in Herat city that peace could not be ensured in Afghanistan without the cooperation of mujahideen after the withdrawal of foreign forces in 2014. Khan said he was working on creating the council and had discussed the idea with President Hamid Karzai and a number of his former colleagues.

The Spokesman of the Herat Governor House, Mahiuddin Noori, showing a signed piece of  paper with the Jihadi Council's appointment of a commander, told reporters that the distribution process of weapons was started by the Jihadi Council. (20121109)

It is said, that led by Ismail Khan, Jihadi Council Jehadi Council commenced distributing weapons among its members in western Herat province. Members of the Jihadi Council 20121107 confirmed that military units were being formed, with one leader saying around 30 to 40 units already existed and had commanders appointed to each.

Thousands of people met in western Herat province on 20121112 to denounce Ismail Khan’s plan to arm his supporters as an attempt to return to power.

Wolesi Jirga Members on 20121110 called for the impeachment of Mohammad Ismail Khan over his claim that the Jihadi Council, which he leads, is forming an army.

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