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Afghanistan National Medicines Services Organization

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Chief Executive Officer Afghanistan National Medicines Services Organization (ANMSO):
Haji Abdul Khaliq Zazai Watandost (20121106)
Head Afghanistan's National Medicines Services Organisation (ANMSO) :
Mohammed Mohsen Parwani (20211014)

Head of BOD:
Haji Mohammad Mohasin Parwani (20121106)

Head of Audit:
Haji Rahmudin Haji Agha (20121106)

  • Main office Address: Parwan Hotel 2nd Floor, Part III Khairkhana, Kabul Afghanistan
    E-mail: anmso786(at)
  • Haji Mohammad Mohsin (Parwani) Head of Directorate of Board of Directors (BOD)
    E-mail: m_s_asf(at)
  • Haji Abdul Khaliq Zazai (Watandost) Chief Executive Officer
    E-mail: zazai1973(at)
  • Dr. Najeeb (Sahibzada) Deputy Directorate of BOD
    E-mail: Najeeb_ncda(at)

Several associations including the Medicines Importers Association, Medicines Manufacturers Association, Wholesaler Association, Retailers Association, and Medical Equipment Association represent Afghanistan’s pharmaceutical and medical supplies private sector. These associations from Kabul, and six regional zones of Nangarhar, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Paktia and Kunduz have been brought together under the umbrella of the Afghanistan National Medicines Services Organization (ANMSO).ANMSO will be the singular voice actively representing the interests and concerns of its members to the Ministry of Public Health and international partners to properly regulate the pharmaceutical sector for quality assurance.

It is believed that there are many problems within the country's hygiene industries, from lack of pharmaceutical factories to lack of laboratories, lack of standardisation, and low-quality medicines.(20211014)

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