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Babakar Khel tribe Babakarkhel

Name Babakar Khel tribe Babakarkhel
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Tribal Elder
History and Biodata

Tribal Elder of the Babakarkhel tribe:
Haji Khan Badshah (20100923) There was a dispute between Kuchi nomad and Babakarkhel tribe in the southeastern Khost province. (20070115) Both groups have clashed several times on hill and desert. Babakarkehl claim the desert belong to them while Kochi nomad has their own claim. Both Kuchi and Babakarkhel have lost many people in such clashes. Many disputes have taken place in both sides during this month. About 300 houses of the Kochi nomad have been destroyed in the clashes occurred between the two groups.

Background Babarkhel tribe:
Babakar Khel tribe also called Isa Khel Tribe is a subtribe from Bazid also called Zangi which is a Decendent of Hassan Khel Tribe, which is a subtribe of Umarzai Tribe. (Did You get it?)

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