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Afghanistan Independent Journalist Association AIJA

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Rahimullah Samander (20121017)

also mentioned: Khpulwak Safi, head of Afghan Independent Journalists’ Association (AIJA)

Sayed Hamid Noori, a journalist and Deputy  of Afghan Journalists association was stabbed and killed by unknown men (20100906)
Ahmad Hanayesh (20120918)

Afghan Independent Journalists Association,
6th district, Daar-ul-Aman Road,
Opposite Habibia High School, Karta Seh, Kabul Afghanistan.
Tel: +93-75-200-1623

Afghanistan’s Independent Committee to Protect Journalists (AIJA) is a non-profit organization, advocating and defending rights of journalist in Afghanistan’s newly born democracy. AIJA is providing equal facilities for young and educated Afghans, who want to join the main path towards having free press and freedom of expression. AIJA is against any kind of ethnic, religious, tribal and regional extremism and discrimination. AIJA is providing journalist with facilities, uncensored news and information in a country where a free press is either is not fully established or undermined by various challenges.

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