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On 20130615, members of the Cooperation Council of Political Parties discussed the upcoming election with the envoys in Afghanistan for the UN, the European Union, the UK and the US Ambassador. A source, who declined to be named, said that Saturday’s meeting was held at the residence of the UN envoy in Afghanistan.  Members of the Cooperation Council of Political Parties said the only option for Afghanistan’s future is the holding of a transparent and fair election. The meeting was attended by Mohammad Younis Qanooni, Hanif Atmar, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal (Minister of Economy), Sayed Ali Kazimi, Noor-ul-Haq Ulumi, Mahmood Saiqal, Rajab Ali Danish, Assadullah Sadati, Mohammad Natiqi, Faizullah Zaki, Zabiullah Mojadidi, Sayed Hamid Gailani, Satar Murrad and a number of leaders of political parties. The Cooperation Council of Political Parties, which was formed from more than 20 political parties and movements, said that it would introduce its candidate soon.


Background Coordination Council of Political Parties and Coalitions:
Nearly 20 political parties and coalitions formed a council also called the “Cooperation Council”. The Cooperation Council warned that any change or delay in the 2014 presidential elections will lead to a serious crisis. The Council called for reforms and amendments to the electoral system and the election law. They also blamed the Government and responsible organs for recklessness in this regard. They warned that a delay of the presidential election will mean the failure of the Bonn process.(20120924)

After a meeting, the group released a 12-point declaration, stating that the political parties had formed a “coordination council of political parties” in Kabul on Sunday. In its initial step, the council asked for reforms to the Independent Electoral Commission, and sought a transparent presidential election in 2014. Afghanistan National Front (ANF) spokesman Faizullah Zaki said the coordination council wanted a transparent Presidential Election that was in accordance with Afghanistan’s constitution. He warned any kind of delay in the elections would put Afghanistan into huge crises.

Though a significant number of political parties gathered for this event, many believe these coalitions are fragile and will not be capable of creating long-term plans for Afghanistan’s future.

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