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Karimi, Freshta Mrs.

Name Karimi, Freshta Mrs.
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Function/Grade Law Seekers Da Qanoon Ghushtonky (DQG) Head
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Da Qanoon Ghushtonky (DQG) -- Law Seekers -- is a civil society organisation that works to increase Afghan women’s access to justice and curb violence against them.

DQG head:
Freshta Karimi was born in Afghanistan. After going to Zarghona Highschool, Kabul, she studied at Kardan Institute in Kabul. MDG3 Torch was awarded to Mrs. Freshta Karimi (201200110).

Karimi, explains the role of her organisation: “We provide free legal support to women, especially in karimi_freshtafamily cases. We also arrange legal training workshops for defence lawyers.” About the partnership between DQG and Tawanmandi, she says: “We are raising awareness about the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law among people, parliamentarians and government officials. EVAW is yet to be passed by parliament. The purpose of the law is to counter practices and behaviours that are against Islam and victimise women.”


Through a Tawanmandi grant, DQG publishes posters and billboards that point to articles of EVAW. While distributing the posters, DQG member Maryam says: “These posters are large and have graphics that are easy to understand.”

DQG's contact numbers in Main Office and Suboffices:
Main Office (Kabul): 0799721011/ 0700212919
Herat (Suboffice): 0798236877
Nangarhar (Suboffice): 0798236944
Balkh (Suboffice): 0798236966
Maidan Wardak (Suboffice): 0798236933

Website :
Email :
Postal Address : Haji Yaqoob Square, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul- Afghanistan

Implementation of Equal Justice on all residents of the society, having a fair trail within the judiciary system of the country, application of laws , supporting the rights of suspects and accusers, defending the suspects and accusers against the allegation made against them, clearance of hidden facts or fact to which is not paying attention to them in a criminal case, supporting the judges in making clear the complicated and critical side of the case, assisting the innocents not to be convicted, disclosing of illegal procedures of the related organs following a case in order to better reformation of affairs and etc are  impossible without the presence of defense lawyers in legal and judiciary system of the country.

Therefore, (due to the lack of defense lawyers in the country and economic inabilities of accusers in order to pay a private defense lawyers fees to follow their case) Miss, Freshta Karimi and Mr. Najeebullah Azizi took initiative  to establish the organization Da Qanoon Ghushtonky in September 2005 (coincident to month of Senbola 1384 AD). It must be mentioned that the main activities of this organization which is free legal representation in criminal and family cases for women, children and men, started on 01/01/2006 (coincident to 11/10/1384 AD)

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