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Afghan Folad Steel Mill Co. Ltd

Name Afghan Folad Steel Mill Co. Ltd
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Function/Grade Background President GM COO Factory Chief
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Afghan Folad Steel Mill Co. Ltd

President: Abdullah Rasuli
Tel: 0093-10-225583
Mobile: 0798101080
zip: 0077272
Third floor, Afghan market, Bank khoon street

GM & COO: Dilawar Anwarzai

Head of Factory: Esmatullah Wardak

Purchase Manager Afghan Folad Steel Mill Co:
Nasir Ahmad Azimi

Number of Employees: 100 - 200 People
20.000 tonnes/year capacity
Built at a cost of USD 6.5m

Afghan Folad Steel Mill Co. Ltd, the first in Afghanistan, produces round bar, rebar and angles from billets and is also making steel fixtures for buildings. The company wants to install its own meltshop for billet casting at a cost of USD 23m. Folad uses imported billet from Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Afghanistan's second steel plant in Herat Province, the first iron melting factory in Afghanistan, began operating on 20120828, giving the country an additional 5 percent capacity to meet its own steel demand, according to the Commerce and Industries Minister Anwarul Haq Ahadi. The plant has a capital worth of $8 million, largely funded by an Afghan trader, and employs 100 people. The factory, costing about $16 million (722.4 million afghanis), would use old iron and imported iron from other countries to create 150 types of construction materials, he said. The plant can manufacture 80 tons of steel and the capacity can be expanded to 400 tons a day. Machines for the factory were purchased in Britain, Pakistan, Germany, India and Pakistan, head of the factory, Esmatullah Wardak, said. The factory is being funded by three businessmen, he said. The factory chief Wardak said the plant mainly produces rods and poles for construction from the raw material of old iron. Wardak added that, in total, he had already invested up to $25 million in the factory.(20120828)

Karwan Folad, a steel company that was established in Kabul four years ago with more than 100 staff and over $20 million in investment money, has been bankrupt since the beginning of the current solar year (1399).

“We have suffered many problems up until now. There is no electricity--raw materials are expensive and that is why less than two people are now working here,” said Azizullah, an employee in the company.(20210314)



Afghan Foulad Steel Mills Co Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers and stockists of rolled steel profiles, which is active in Afghanistan for over 5 years. The company was initially established as Afghan Foolad Steel Re-Rolling Mills in 2007 as a technical partnership with MA. International (Indian Still Mill located in Faridabad of India)  In the beginning, the mills mainly dealt in the production of mild steel, but with the passage of time, included many new categories in the product line like medium carbon steel and alloy steel.

Afghan Folad Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a group of companies concerns that began with importing raw materials including scrap and chemicals from different countries of the world. The company not only manufactures and sells its own finished products but also stocks steel profiles manufactured by other organizations in order to meet the requests.

The factories are in the industrial park which was established by former Herat governor, Mohammad Ismail Khan, in 2002. It is set on about 7,500 acres (3,035 hectares) of land in Guzrah District, Herat Province,, and has electricity and water supplies.

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