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Azizi, Mohammad Humayun Dr. Homayun Hamyoon

Name Azizi, Mohammad Humayun Dr. Homayun Hamyoon
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Ambassador to France
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to France:
Omar Samad (200906-20110700)
Dr. Assad Omar (20110700-2015))
Abdul Elah Seddiqi (2016-2018)
Rahim Peezada Rahim Pirzada, Charge d'Affaires, acting
Humayun Azizi (20200112)

Mrs. Parwana Paikan (2019)

2. Previous Functions of Dr. Humayun Azizi:
Head of the burns ward in Herat hospital (2005)
Head of the Herat Provincial Council (2008)
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (20100919 -20140930)
Acting Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (201401001)
Provincial Governor Kandahar (20150427-20171122)
Afghanistan Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (20171122)
Ambassador to Netherland (20190410)
Ambassador to France (20200112)

3. Biodata of Dr. Hamyoon Azizi:
Azizi_Dr-_HumayunDr Humayoon Azizi is a medical Doctor. He received his education in medicine while in France. He was formerly the head of the burns ward in Herat hospital (2005) and later the head of the Herat Provincial Council (2008).

Meshrano Jirga appointed Humayun Azizi to the post of Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (OMSPA) as a replacement to Mohammad Anwar Jegdalek. Upon his induction as Minister, Azizi was called upon by members of the Jirga to improve relations between the parliament and the executive branch of government.

Humayun Azizi, who headed Herat’s Provincial Council, told a western reporter in 2009 that Ismail Khan “didn’t permit any violence and wouldn’t let anyone disobey his commands.” He continued, “There was no democracy here. Now there is democracy, and this is why it is difficult to control. The press is free and people speak their minds. This democracy is something you brought.” Azizi’s tone sounded strangely incriminating. The reporter asked him if democracy in Afghanistan was a good or a bad thing. “It’s bad. Democracy is not a postcard that you can send from the United States to countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.”

The Provincial Governor of Kandahar province Dr. Humayun Azizi and Juma Mohammed Abdullah al-Kaabi Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates were wounded in twin blasts that left seven people killed and at least 18 others were wounded in the explosions.(20170110)

The Provincial Governor of southern Kandahar province Humayoun Azizi will be sent to Germany for further treatment of the injuries he sustained in the attack on 20170110.(20170112) Dr. Humayun Azizi, has now been flown to India for better treatment, an official said on 20170113. Kandahar Governor Humayun Azizi  returned home two months later after treatment abroad.

Azizi is married and has 4 Children.

He speaks Pashtu, Dari and English.

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