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Dalili, Raz Mohammad

Name Dalili, Raz Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1959
Function/Grade Sanayee Development Organization CEO
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Sanayee Development Organization CEO
He also is in the Board of Directors of Afghan Civil Society Forum ACSF (20111222)
Member ( SAFG) of GCAP

3. Biodata:
dalili_raz_mohammadRaz Mohammad Dalili, son of Faqir Mohammad, was born Oct 01, 1959 in Ghazni Province. He went to Ghazi High School and was awarded a University Degree in Economic from Kabul University.

Dalili has served as a teacher, human rights activist, peace builder, development worker, and member of different civil society organizations. He is currently the Executive Director of Sanayee Production and Sanayee Development Organization.Dalili has directed and produced a number of educational films for children and youth over the last 10 years. The Barefoot is his latest production.(2012)

He is the Founder of: Children Magazine (Rangeen Kaman), Children Story Text Books (26 Topics),  Kabul English Language Course in Peshawar Pakistan for Afghan Refugees, English Monthly Journal, Library for Afghan refugees, Peace Educational Curriculum for all age school students and Founder of Sanayee Development Organization (SDO). Dalili is also a member of many international and national civil society groups.

Dalili lived 18 years in Pakistan due to war in Afghanistan.

He is married.

Dalili speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu.

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