Afghan Biographies

Bayan, Mawlawi Nabi

Name Bayan, Mawlawi Nabi
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Afghan Passport Department Deputy Chief
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Mayor Chergan Shar, Shar-e-Bozurg District, Badakhshan Province (20050422)
Afghan Passport Department Deputy Chief (20120527)

3. Biodata:
On 20050607 it was reported that the district governor of SHARI BUZURGH, Maulawie NABI had issued several orders to commander MAHBUB and 10 of his men to murder specific people. Commander MAHBUB and his men should be with NABI since 4 weeks ago. It was said they came from IRAN. To achieve the described task, it was said MAHBUB got weapons and money from NABI. The listed persons should be murdered : NAJIB DERKHAN ARSHUR KHAN NAJIB SARANI Major THURA Commander AKHIR It is said all of the persons should be police officers from SHARI BUZURGH district.

Mohammad Nabi Bayan Mawlawi Nabi Bayan was arrested over murder and rape charges. (20120528) He is kept at 101 Kabul Surveillance House. This comes as a number of north-eastern Badakhshan province residents recently complained against Mawlawi Nabi Bayan and accused him of murder and rape charges. The Afghan Interior Ministry was instructed following the national security council meeting on 20120527 to dismiss Mawlawi Nabi Bayan from his position and introduce to judiciary institutions for further investigations.

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Established 2012-05-28