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Jalil, Zabet

Name Jalil, Zabet
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1956
Function/Grade Ex HIG? Jamiati? Commander in Farah
History and Biodata

3. Biodata
Zabet Jalil Zabit Jalil was born in 1956 into the Noorzai tribe in Dizak village, Bala Boluk District, Farah Province.

In Farah province, Naim Khan Farahi, the biggest landlord of the province, directly backed by the government, by the United Nations’ UNAMA and his gunmen became the “first winner” by committing every kind of irregularity. A nephew of this person is the head of UNAMA in Farah. In Farah Rod district another nephew of his (Zabet Jalil) was forcing people by use of his armed henchmen to vote for his uncle.(20051004)

A western diplomat suggested, for example, that USPI hired Zabet Jalil in Farah even though there were allegations that he had killed a USPI advisor and three of his security guards in early 2006. The attack was officially associated with the Taliban, but rumours linked it to Zabet Jalil.

It seems that the security companies involved have not attempted to broker a deal with the insurgents. Apart from one company belonging to the son of a prominent former HIG? Jamiati? commander from Bala Buluk, Zabet Jalil, most involved in both transportation and security are owned by Heratis. ‘Most of these people don’t know who the local Taleban are to approach them, or they don’t like to come to terms with them either.’ As for Jalil Zabet there is no lack of acquaintance, but it is in the form of a bitter enmity. Zabet Jalil (Farah province in the west) is also said to have looted people’s properties and grabbed thousands of jeribs of state-owned land, in the process reinforcing the feudal order.(20120424)

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