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Aziz, Mohammad Iqbal Azizi

Name Aziz, Mohammad Iqbal Azizi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Mohammad Muhammad Iqbal Azizi:
Head of the Education Department of Nangarhar Province (2009),
Provincial Governor Lagman Laghman  (20100318 -20120919),
Provincial Governor Logar (20120920-20130417)

3. Biodata:
azizi_mohammad_iqbalMohammad Iqbal Aziz Iqbal Azizi denied he was a member of the Afghan Millat Party. Sediqi (Kilid) said Aziz was appointed because "Popal knew about him and his work." Azizi earlier worked as the Director of Education in Nangarhar, Paktika and Maidan Wardak provinces. Mohammad Iqbal Azizi is a soft-spoken, articulate man who earned a Master's in International Relations  seems to be a new kind of Karzai-appointed governor. The Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) sure hopes so. Azizi spoke earnestly, using phrases such as transparency, capacity development and line-ministry reform. If there were a mold for of a new kind of reform-minded governor, yet not a U.S. puppet, Azizi seemed to fit it. And as he told, he'd gotten there by learning to work with the best donors.  He boasted of good relations with the PRT and USAID which enabled the construction of 300 schools in Nangahar. "We had a language of understanding," he said.

Azizi said his focus in Laghman is to, "activate the tribal management system." In other words, to bridge the local rule of village elders with the coalition-funded system of governance using a system called Go Green that involves checking off villages that have not logged any anti-government attack for 90 days as Green, and therefore open to coalition project monies.

On April 08, 2012, Tahir Khan Sabari replaced General Atiqullah Lodin to become the governor of Logar province. A few months later, Muhammad Iqbal Azizi was appointed as the governor of Logar. And after about six month, Arsala Jamal was assigned the job of governor of Logar. Iqbal Azizi, who also worked as the governor of Laghman, was accused of frauds, and that he did not have experience.(20130509)

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