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Akhunzada, Amir Mohammad

Name Akhunzada, Amir Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1977
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Amir Mohammad Akhunzada:
Deputy Provincial Governor Helmand (2006)
Adviser of the President (2007)
Deputy Minister of Tribal and Border Affairs (2011)
Provincial Governor Uruzgan (20120403 - 20140310) sacked
Provincial Governor Nimruz Nimroz (20140312, 20150519)

3. Biodata:
akhunzada_amirAmir Mohammad Akhundzada, son of Mohammad Rassoul Akhundzada was born in Zamindawar district of southern Helmand province in 1977. He has graduated from high school in Zamindawar district and completed college in the neighboring Pakistan when he was living there as a refugee.
Akhundzada has worked as district chief of Musa Qala in 2002 and as deputy governor of Helmand in 2006.
He was appointed as an adviser to the President in tribal affairs in 2007, and also has worked as political deputy minister in borders and tribal affairs ministry in 2011. He was appointed as governor of Uruzgan in 2012.
His father had membership of Harkat-i-Inqialb Islami party of Afghanistan, but he had no any political affiliation. 

The Sunday Times (London) reported that the British government requested replacement of Amir Muhammad Akhundzada's (Pashtun Alizai Tribe) brother Sher Mohammed Akhundzada (later appointed Senator) as Helmand's Governor before they sent 4,000 troops to Helmand. The British requested his replacement because he has a reputation for corruption, ties to Afghanistan's Opium industry, and ties to the Taliban.  The Sunday Times described the Hamid Karzai Presidency's appointment of Amir as Deputy Governor of Helmand as one indication that they were trying to undermine efforts to suppress the Opium Trade. Amir was replaced on December 10, 2006 because of his links to drug traffickers.

Protesting residents of Tirinkot, the provincial capital, have been demanding the removal of Governor Amir Mohammad Akhundzada, accusing of him and some Wolesi Jirga members and provincial council members of corruption. The protests are linked to a rift between Governor Amir Mohammad Akhundzada and police chief Matiullah Khan. (20140203)

Governor Amir Mohammad Akhundzada and the police chief for southwestern Nimroz province escaped unhurt in an armed attack.They came under attack on their way from Zaranj to Dilaram district. Taliban attacked his convoy at about 12.30pm, sparking a clash with security guards. One intelligence operative was killed in the incident.(20140328)

He can speak Pashto, Dari and Arabic languages.

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