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The Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS) was established in March 2003 as an independent social organisation by a group of Afghans concerned with the fate of Afghan culture and the strengthening of Afghan civil society. Its board members include senior members of the Academy of Sciences, the Human Rights Commission , the Judiciary, members of artists' and research organisation of University of Kabul and the Director of the National Museum.

The Foundation is registered with the Ministry of Justice as an independent social foundation. Its staff is fully Afghan, although it benefits from the advice given by foreigners. The Chairman, Mir Ahmad Joyenda, is a veteran in government and international agency work and has wide experience in culture and research activities. It is headquartered in a historic building in the centre of Kabul, where it can accommodate up to 300 people in its weekly socio-cultural activities.
The Foundation's main objective is to become a focal point for all activities promoting modern Afghan culture and the strengthening of civil society. It is at once a motor for national development, within the framework of the peace process and national reconstruction efforts, and a bridge to the rest of the artistic and intellectual communities of Afghanistan.
The Foundation has received core support from the World Bank and the Open Society Institute, and is negotiating a 2.5 million Euro contract with the European Commission for the implementation of a nationwide small grants programme to support local culture and civil society initiatives.
It has received funds from UNAMA, the Swiss Development and Co-operation, Oxfam-Navib, TAF, US Embassy, HBS, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, and the Embassies of Norway and of the Netherlands.
In 2003 the Foundation's premises opened to the public as a full-blown cultural centre, providing a platform for Afghan performing and fine arts, film and literature, academic lectures and social activities such as workshops and seminars. The Centre has attracted many Kabulis who are interested in culture, and is already functioning as one of the motors of the Afghan culture revival.
FCCS regularly hosts events coming from abroad (photo exhibitions, western classical music concerts, international video screenings, theatre plays), bringing added value and an exchange of knowledge which can enrich the Afghan cultural heritage.
The Foundation has established linkages with partners, international or Afghan, to initiate activities in the provinces with local artists and civil society groups. These range from travelling theatre campaigns to local music festival and from advocating women's rights in remote areas to holding round tables on pressing social or culture issues.
The Foundation also helps Afghan artists to travel abroad, and hosts events organised by Afghan artists or researchers living abroad. On the other hand, it has provided a platform for foreign artists visiting in Afghanistan, to expose the Afghan public to foreign culture forms.
FCCS also seeks to enhance Afghanistan's visibility on the international cultural stage, collaborating with a range of partners both at home and abroad with a view to enabling Afghan artists to participate in international events such as the Venice Biennale and organising regional events such as the Afghan Cultural Week in Tajikistan.
Finally, in order ensure more citizens' participation in the peace and reconstruction process, the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society is talking part in nationwide outreach efforts to involve as many local partners and community-based organisations as possible in such processes as the Constitutional Loya Jirga, election, and good governance.
Street address:
839 Salang Watt Street, opposite National Archives, De Afghanan, District 2, Kabul, Afghanistan
Mailing address: 
P O Box 5965, Central Post Office, Kabul, Afghanistan
Telephone: 93 (0) 700 278905, 93 (0) 799 243587
Website: http:/­/­www.afghanfccs.orgs
Contact: Timur Shah Hakimyar General Manager
Telephone: 93 (0) 799 243587, 93 (0) 700 278905
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