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Azimi, Muhammad Farhad

Name Azimi, Muhammad Farhad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1976
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Governor Balkh
History and Biodata

Muhammad Farhad Azimi
Phone: 0786002000

1. Former Governor of Balkh Province:
Mohammad Eshaq Rahgozar. A court in Mazar-i-Sharif also ordered the prosecution of former Balkh governor Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar (20210207)
Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor (2004, 20171217)
Eng. Mohammad Dawood (20171218-20180312)
Alahaj Muhammad Ishaq Rahguzar (20180313, 20180322, 20201006)
Muhammad Farhad Azimi (2020107)

Deputy Governor:
Muhammad Zaher Wahdat Abdul Zahir Wahdat Mohammad Zahir Wahdat (20091119, 20110926, 2013117), survived a suicide attack unhurt in his armored vehicle (2013117, 20140807)
Hasib Quraishi  (20171221)
Bashir Tawhidi, deputy governor of the province and a close aide to Atta Noor )20180101)
Shujauddin Shuja
Governor’s house chief of staff:
Qais Mehrain (20160115)

Spokesman for Balkh’s governor:
Munir Farhad Munir Ahmad Farhad (20110110, 20150905, 20171011, 20180516, 20200104)

Department of provincial Information and Culture Director:
Saleh Mohammad Khaliq (20111013)

Department of the Haj and Religious Affairs Head:
Mullah Abdul Hanan Hamed, acting head (20110413)

Balkh Provincial Counternarcotics Departmen Head:
Farid Mohammad Azizi Ajizi acting head (20110822)

Provincial Energy and Water Director:
Eng. Nasir (20110901)

Balkh Director of Refugee and Repatriation Affairs:
Abdul Saboor Qadri Saboor Qaderi (20120116, 20120905)
Syed Massoud Qaderi (20201204)

Agricultural Department Head:
Kabit Shams (20120209)

Department of Labor and Social Affairs Director:
Mrs. Gulalai Hotak (20130119) fined in graft case

Women affairs director:
Mrs. Fariba Majid (20080716, 20110417, 20130208) applied for asylum in Finland (20130208)
Mrs. Rabia Muradi (20131223)
Mrs. Shahla Hadid (20180407)

High Peace chief for Balkh:
Haji Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimkhel (20120713)
Department of Public Health:
Mirwais Rabi (2012, 20160417, 20170514)
Dr. Mairwais Rabee  Dr. Mirwais Rabea (20190508)
Ghawsuddin Anwari, acting head of the Balkh health directorate (20210101)
Dr Gul Ahmad Ayubi, acting director of Public Health in Balkh (20210613)
Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development:
Eng. Basit Aini (2012)
Department of Public Works:
Eng. Enayatullah (2012)
AIHRC Director:
Mrs. Fawzia Nawabi (20130413)
Director fuel and gas:
Arian Muradi (201802, 20180304)
Director Urban Development and Land Department (UDLD):
Eng. Sher Shah Hotak (20210119)
Director of Balkh Education Department:
Aliullah Amiri (20210808)


2. Previous Functions:
Computer Programmer in the Netherlands (2002-2004)
Lecturer Balkh University Law Faculty ( 2005-2010)
Chairman of Balkh Provincial Council till 2010
Provincial Council Member Balkh (2005-2010)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Balkh
Ambassador to Kazakhstan (20180325, 20201006)
Provincial Governor Balkh (20201006)

3. Biodata:
azimi_farhad2Muhammad Farhad Azimi was born 1976 in Mazar-i-Sharif, Balkh Province. Azimi finished his primary and secondary education in Bakhtar High School, Mazar-e-Sharif in 1989. He received his bachelor’s degree in law and political science from Balkh University in 1993. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in International Law L.L.M.)  in Tajikistan.

He worked as a software engineer during his stay in the Netherlands. He returned to Afghanistan 2005. Due to his educational background he was elected as the Deputy Secretary to the Wolesi Jirga· He is said to be close to Balkh Governor Atta and Jamiat-e-Islami.

Azimi is closely connected to Ustad Atta Noor, the Provincial Governor of Balkh. During his time as head of the Provincial Council, he became known for his outspoken stance against the work of the PRT in Balkh, having made several televised comments on the subject.

Azimi has been an opponent of Hamid Karzai's administration, and campaigned for Abdullah Abdullah during his Presidential bid in 2009. He has also criticized the Karzai administration for allegedly stocking his cabinet and other important government and security posts with ethnic Pashtuns at the expense of other ethnic groups.

Farhad Azimi was elected as deputy secretary of the Wolesi Jirga, lower house, in a second round of parliamentary administrative board polls on 20120124. As voting in secretary and second deputy speaker elections went into the third round, Azimi won 114 votes and his rival Qais Hasan got 76. Of the total 217 votes cast, 27 were declared invalid. He currently lives in Kabul.

Ex Balkh Governor Noor has not accepted Mohammad Dawoud as his replacement and has instead recommended Farhad Azimi to be appointed as governor.(20171221)

Mohammad Farhad Azimi is expected to be introduced as the ambassador of Afghanistan to Kazakhstan.(20180325)


Farhad Azimi  is married and has two daughters and one son

Azimi speaks Dari, English, Russian and Dutch.

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