Afghan Biographies

Ezatullah, Mullah

Name Ezatullah, Mullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Warlord
History and Biodata

There are several Ezatullahs who go only by one name (in Badghis, Helmand (detained 20101220) and Kandahar Province). The was also a former Taliban Regime· Deputy Minister for Planning Maulavi Ezatullah. A· prominent one is also Mullah Ezatullah from Paghman District, Kabul Province.

2. Previous Functions:
Jihadi Commander from Paghman District, Kabul Province

3. Biodata:
During the Civil War in Afghanistan, Mullah Ezat Mullah Izzat, Ezatullah was a commander from Paghman, Afghanistan, for the forces of Ittihad-i Islami and Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and Jamiat-e Islami. During the resistance against the Soviets, he was supposedly a member of Ahmad Shah Massoud's Supervisory Council of the North, commanding 600 men. He was reported involved in the planning and implementation of the Afshar Operation which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

During the fighting in Kabul it was reported that his men were engaged in kidnapping. For example one claim of kidnapping and abducting, with the hostage being Bagh-e Daoud was attributed to Ezat's men. Other claims of attacks against Hazara's have been attributed to Ezat's men.

Abdul Rabb al-Rasul Sayyaf, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Mullah Taj Mohammad, Younis Qanooni, Haji Almas and Mullah Ezatullah [...] are implicated in war crimes and crimes against humanity that occurred during hostilities in Kabul in the early 1990s. (Human Rights Watch, September 15, 2005)

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