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The Ministry of Finance officials have confirmed the New Kabul Bank is set to be merged with the Bank Mili Afghanistan and Pashtany Bank.

According to officials, preliminary work has been done to merge the three banks, and work is underway on its technical and legal aspects.

Shamrooz Khan Masjidi, spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, said NKB with the BMA and Pashtany Bank  is one of the commitments of the Afghan government with the International Monetary Fund.(20200820)

Shareholders Name Percentage
Ministry of Finance 97.193%
Afghan Red Crescent 1.791%
Pashtany Bank 0.980%
Afghan Air Force Command 0.032%
Kabul Municipality 0.004%

Former Presidents and CEOs:

Khan Afzal Hadawal (20111218)
Mohibullah Safi, (20130105-2014) Chief Executive Officer - Bank e Mili Afghan
Ahmad Khesraw Zia (20150626)

Chairman Board of Supervisors Kawun Kakar Kawoon Kakar:
Kawun Kakar got his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from University of California, Hastings School of Law in San Francisco, May 1999 and he holds his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and History from University of California in San Diego, May 1995

kakar_kawunHe was also a managing member of the Institute for Afghan Studies. Kakar had a one year assignments as UN human rights officer for Afghanistan , during which he also worked as a researcher for a UN study about the humanitarian implication of the sanctions on Afghanistan .  Kakar worked as an attorney in California

Kawun Kakar presently working as Advisor to the Ministry of Justice in Afghanistan Justice sector support program in U.S Department of State/INL from 2006 till now and also being as CEO of Alokozay Resources International. Kawun Kakar had previously worked as Advisor to the President and Deputy-Chief of Staff in Government of Afghanistan from 2005 till 2006. He also worked as Liaison Officer in United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan from 2004 till 2005. United Nations Legal and Political Advisor for Constitutional Commissions and Constitutional assembly from 2004 till 2004 Head of Political Section in Nangarahar Regional Office UNAMA from March 2002 till July 2002 Associate Attorney in Law offices of Leonard Becker, Hayward Ca from 2001 till 2002 Human Rights Officer in United Nations development program, Islamabad, Pakistan from 2000 till 2001.


Chief Credit Officer & Member of  Board of Management Kyber Omarkhail:
Khyber Omerkhail is presently working as a CCO of Banke Millie Afghan, he is Founder Member of Azizi Bank, had previously served as Deputy CCO/ Head of Trade Finance in Azizi Bank from Jun/2005-Mar/2009 and Mr. Omerkhail omarkhail_khyberalso worked as a Financial Consultant of Gustavson Associates (Advisor to Ministry of Mines and Industry) from Jan/2007–Dec2007. Branch Management Specialist in Bearing Point/USAID Afghanistan Economic Governance Program - reform project for Da Afghanistan Bank from 2004 -2005 and also worked as a Senior Letter Of Credit Officer in Afghanistan International Bank managed by ING Bank, Amsterdam from Jan/2004 –Nov/2004 Khyber Omerkhail also served in different senior positions of operation and credit in Pashtany Bank.  Omerkhail worked as a Coordinator in Bearing Point (USAID) during the year 2003 and also Coordinator in World Bank 2003 for Local Commercial Banks. Khyber Omerkhail holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Kabul University and he also attended Courses (Accounting, Banking, Marketing,   Communication, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics Etc). During the year 1990-2000 Institute of Bank Management in Central Bank- Kabul, Afghanistan

Acting Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Khesrow Gadakhail & Member of  Board of Management (20150626):
Ahmad Khesrow Zia Gadakhiel is presently working as acting CE0  in Bank-e Millie Afghan, had previously served as gadakhail_ahmadDeputy CFO in Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan) and Gadakhiel also worked as a Accounting Manger in DAB for one year. Gadakhiel also worked as a Budgeting and Planning Director for three years in Da Afghanistan Bank. Ahmad Khesrow studying his MBA in Finance from American International University of Management Technology on Distance Learning basis and  Gadakhiel holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Kabul University and he also attend some training courses like (Core Banking System, AFTS, Data Base of General ledger System, Auditing and Management) during the year 2007 in Da Afghanistan Bank - Kabul, Afghanistan.


Deputy COO & member of  Board of Management Zainullah Hassany:
Mahmood Afzal
hassany_zainullahZainullah Hassany (see picture)

Legal Adviser & Member of the Board of Management Mahmood Afzal

BMA Main Office Contact
Digital: (0) 93 20 2102 221
Fax: (0) 93 20 2101 801
P.O Box: 522

Bank-e- Millie Afghan
Jade Ibne Sina - Kabul Afghanistan

Some religious scholars have criticised the Ministry of Haj for receiving money in advance from intending pilgrims, suspecting the ministry may have entered a secret deal with the Afghan Millie Bank, where the advance (50.000 AFS) has been deposited.(20120724) But Deputy Haj Minister Daeeul Haq Abid said there was no deal involved, saying that the move was aimed at bringing reforms to the haj process. He claimed similar procedures were followed in Iran, Malaysia and Turkey. “Under the contract among the Afghan Millie Bank and ministries of hajj and finance, the bank cannot use the deposited money for trade deals,'' he explained. The bank’s head, Muhibullah Safi, in response to a question about the deposits, said: "It is too early to talk on this issue.'' He added the ministry concerned should be asked such questions.(20120724)

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