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Emad, Sayed Noorullah

Name Emad, Sayed Noorullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1950
Function/Grade Influential Jamiat - e - Islami Leader
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Muslim Youth Member Kabul University
Deputy Jamiat-e-Islami (Rabbani)
Deputy Minister Communication
Deputy Minister Interior
Agricultural Minister (1992-1996)

3. Biodata:
emad_norullahSayed Noorullah Emad was born in Herat in 1950. He started his political activities while he was a student in University of Kabul. He was one of the founders of a novel Muslim Youth organization in the University of Kabul. Later he immigrated to Pakistan and with his friends established Jamiat -e- Islami Party. At first he was appointed as General Secretory and later on he acted as Deputy of the Rabbani. Sayyed Noorulah Emad was also the Islamic Society’s· coordinator of Herat province affairs. Islamic Society of Afghanistan was one of the most important Sunni parties, established under leading of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani. In the two temporary Mujahidin’s governments in Pakistan, he was appointed as deputy of Communication Minister and Interior minister and as a Agriculture minister in Prof.Rabbani cabinet. He was one of the most relevant ministers in the cabinet of Rabbani. Later he was the chief negotiator of peace between Rabbani and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. By the emergence of Taliban, he was in opposition of the Taliban movements.

After 2001 and the first Bonn Conference, Emad was optimistic about the future of Afghanistan and hoping for a better future for Afghans. At that time he was considered as Vice-President of Rabbani. After the first two months of Karzai’s temporary government were terminated, he started to be suspicious of the future especially about the leading circle of Karzai. He ·kept himself isolated from Politics, due to not· having trust in the new governments. He monitored the new upcoming conditions and the government. ·After Karzai’s first temporary government, he became an opponent to Karzai· due to foreseeing the Karzai administration was going in a wrong direction and due to his corrupted government. Emad had officially complained about some new minsters appointed by Karzai such as Ismail Khan and others.·Emad started to take a part more in other activities such as social and reconstructions. Politically he out cried corruption in the Karzai government. Now (2011), it’s recognized that Karzai’s administration is one of the most corrupt governments in the world.· Nevertheless, several times Karzai offered ·a ministry to Emad to have him under control in Kabul.· Emal refused and is cited to have said “I will not take a part in such corrupted administration which does not have any strategy or plan for the future of Afghanistan regarding security and stability". More, He revealed some of the governments’ dubious intentions and corrupted activities especially in the ruling circle.

On the other hand, Emad was against Taliban as well. He was the first person, who had an interview with BBC radio regarding Mullah Omer and stated that he cannot be AMIR UL MOMININ (Muslim Leader). He was deeply against with Taliban ideologies and activities. Since Taliban emerged, Emad was against them till now (2011). He believes that Taliban are not in favour of Peace in Afghanistan because they do not have the authority to make peace.

In recent years, he started to be more active and asked from Prof.Rabbani a new convention for Jamiat -e-· Islami party. Especially, since 2010 the motivations and drive ·for new convention started and Emad's vision was to make strong his party as a true Opposition, to stop corruption and propose a new plan for the Government and International Community how to overcome from the currents obstacles.

After the assassination of Prof. Rabbani, Emad is considered as one of the strongest leaders and probably (if he is nominated) he could a candidate to be the next Leader of Jamiat-e-Islami.

Noorullah Emad took charge of the party and announced an end to the leadership of Salahuddin Rabbani being head of Jamiat-i-Islmai (JI) party. Syed Ibrahim Emad, head of JI political office, announced the leadership of Noorullah Emad and added the general assembly of the party would be soon arranged.(20180215)

He has two sons, Sayed Ibrahim (elder) and Sayed Yakoob (younger).

Sayed Norullah Emad speaks Dari.

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