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Ibrahimkhail , Haji Akhtar Muhammad

Name Ibrahimkhail , Haji Akhtar Muhammad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Balkh Peace High Council Head
History and Biodata

Balkh Peace High Council Head:
Haji Akhtar Muhammad Ibrahimkhail (20111114)

2. Previous Functions Haji Akhtar Muhammad Ibrahimkhail:
Director Mahaz Milli Party
Balkh Peace High Council Head (20111114)
Balkh Provincial Council Head (20120805, 20130220)

3. Biodata:

brahimkhel is the director of Mahaz Milli party and a former Jihadi commander. Recently, former Hezb-e Islami commander Akhtar Muhammad Ibrahimkhel, who was appointed head of the Provincial Peace Council three months ago, seems to have scaled down his hostile attitude towards Balkh  Governor Atta. His son Wali Muhammad was killed by an ISAF raid on his house, a raid ‘misdirected by political enemies.’ He was also soothing the grief-struck family of Majnun, one of his old Hezbi commanders in Chahar Bolak, shot dead in his village a few days before by ‘Taleban. They are Pashtuns and they kill their own kin, they are bereft of any intellectual faculty.’ His firm refusal to hint at any involvement of political rivals in the second instance was remarkable.

Afghan national police forces surrounded the house of Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimkhel’s house on Saturday, Sept 1, 2018 after armed robbers who stole from a carpet shop in Mazar-e Sharif entered his house.According to sources, the director of Mahaz Milli party Akhtar M. IbrahimKhel’s son was leading the robber group. Deputy police chief Abdul Razaq Qaderi said that Ibrahimkhil’s son was involved in stealing of $15000 and 1.4 million Afghanis from a money changer’s shop and must be handed over to the police forces. According to Qaderi, Ibrahimkhel’s house will be under siege by the security forces until he hands over the charged robbers to the law. On the other hand, Ibrahimkhel, who is the director of Mahaz Milli party and a former Jihadi commander rejected the accusations, supporting the armed robbers. Yet, the police forces could not arrest the robber after the elapse of 48 hours. Ibrahimkhail’s sons have been charged with assault, abduction and armed robbery, but have not yet been prosecuted.

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