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Arghanchkhwa district Badakhshan Province Badakshan

Name Arghanchkhwa district Badakhshan Province Badakshan
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Arghanjkha District Governor:
Syed Imran (20131102)

Arghanj Khwa District is a district in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan. It was created in 2005 from part of Yaftali Sufla District (Yaftali Payan District), itself formed from the Fayzabad District. The district has a population of approximately 12,000 people.

Officials confirmed Saturday Mar 30, 2019,  that Afghan security forces retreated overnight from the Arghanj Khwa district center in Badakhshan province following fierce clashes with Taliban. Arghanj Khwa is the first district of Badakhshan fallen to the Taliban in 2019. However, in 2018, three districts of the province – Kohistan, Warduj and Yumgan – had fallen to the Taliban.(20190402)

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