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Hewad TV

Name Hewad TV
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kandahar private owned TV and Radio Station
History and Biodata

Hewad TV (meaning "Country TV" in Pashto) is a private television station based in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The channel broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment programs to certain parts of the country. It may expand coverage in the future as communications in Afghanistan are rapidly growing.

Hewad Hewad was established in 2006. It is owned and managed by Qazi Mohammad Omar, who also owns AIR. His assistant is Nurullah Noor, who was interviewed. Its 36-40m antenna is located in Shaedanu Chawk in Nawe Shar (“New City”), and its 2.5kW transmitter has a 50km broadcast radius. Through a more powerful transmitter, the plan is to increase both radio and TV coverage. Hewad’s technology is reported to be of a higher standard than that of Kandahar RTA. Hewad broadcasts 20 hours a day, mainly in Pashto (95%). Programming includes music (six hours a week) and local reporting (seven hours a week). Rural areas are not covered, owing to security constraints. Interactive programming includes Shkulai Sahar (“Nice Morning”) and Defeker Tal (“Quiz”). Advertising is broadcast for 20 minutes a day at a price of $50 a minute.

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