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Ayubi, Taj

Name Ayubi, Taj
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1950
Function/Grade Minister Advisor International Relations President Hamid Ka
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Journalist, city editor of The Tehran Journal, an English daily, in Iran in the mid-1970s,
Owner of a furniture store in Leesburg VA and later a thrift shop in Washington D. (1997).,
Political adviser to the United States government for over a decade during the cold war (1979 - 1988),
Minister Advisor Minister Counselor International Relations President Hamid Karzai,

3. Biodata:
Taj_AyubiTaj Mohammad. Ayubi was born 1950 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He took up his undergraduate degrees in General Psychology and English Literature at the Kabul University from 1968 to1973. He is a uncle of Yama Karzai. His sister is married to a Karzai, and her sons are now important junior members of the growing Karzai family network in Afghanistan. Ayubi is the Minister Advisor on International Relations to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. In that position, he advises President Karzai on goals like reducing armed conflicts, increasing international cooperation, terrorism, as well as religious and ethnic conflicts.

Prior to assuming his current post,  Ayubi worked as independent contractor for U.S. government between 1980 and 1994. He has also been managing his family business in retail in Washington D.C. since 1997.

Taj Ayubi is an American Citizen and holds an US Passport. He is married with three children.

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