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Bala Buluk District Farah Province

Name Bala Buluk District Farah Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Bala Boluk Bala Baluk District Chief:
Roohul Amin (2009)
Abdul Ghafoor Mujahid (20090914)
Mullah Ghawsedin Ghousdin (20111225)
Mullah Sayed Mohammad Mullah Said Mohammad Syed Mohammad (20120701, 20130131, 20141117, 20161001)

District Police Chief Balablok District Farah Province:
Col Abdul Basir (20111016)
Col. Abdul Manan Rashidi? (20120520)
Haji Khudaydad (20160613)

Farah province has a Pashtun majority of 80%. Tajiks or better to say Persian (Fars) live around the capital city and are 14% of the population, while more than 50-56%% of the population speak Persian (also known as Dari Persian) as mother tongue. Balochs are concentrated in the south of the province. There are also some Aimaks and Hazaras. The primary Pashtun tribes in Farah Province are the Noorzai (tribe), Barakzai, and Alizay. The Taleban were never fully defeated after 2001, maintaining armed groups in many parts of Afghanistan. This included Farah province, where the Taleban retained a strong presence, particularly in the area of Shiwan village (sometimes written ‘Shaiban’) in Bala Boluk district. Shiwan is inhabited primarily by ethnic Pashtuns from the Alizai tribe who are known as naqelin, or Pashtuns who migrated from their original home area. Many of them are Alizais forcibly moved from Musa Qala district in Helmand by the Afghan monarchy some 100 years ago and resettled in Shiwan. This explains the close links between the Taleban in Farah and the movement’s strongholds in Helmand. Other naqelin from Musa Qala were also moved further north to Shindand district, another hotbed of Taleban activity in neighbouring Herat province. This may explain the Farah Taleban’s close connections to the movement’s leadership in the greater Kandahar region.

Officials of Afghan National Army reported from Taliban massive attack on Shewan village in Bala Baluk district, western Farah province.(20160613)

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