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Karzai assassination plot Oct 2011

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Afghan intelligence officials said 20111005 that they had broken up a cell that plotted to kill President Hamid Karzai, arresting six people in Kabul. Other sources say the arrestes have happend around Sept. 20, 2011 and were linked to investigations with the previous assassination of Rabbani or/and the attack assassination_cell_members_karzaion ISAF HQ und the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Lufullah Mashal, NDS, described arrested Professor Emal Habib and the students as being part of “the most sophisticated, and highly educated group in Kabul” — a far cry from the largely uneducated and rural background of many Taliban fighters. He did not explain why the men had apparently wanted to kill Mr. Karzai, but said the president was among several of their targets.

Those arrested were:
— Dr. Emal Habib Asadullah Aimal Ajmal , a medical professor and director of microbiology at Kabul University. He hails from Jalalabad, Nangahar Province.
— Mubullah Ahmadi Mohibullah Ahmadi, who is from Karzai's hometown of Karz, Kandahar Province, in southern Afghanistan. Ahmadi worked as a guard at the presidential palace. In a statement, the Presidential Palace rejected media reports that Ahmadi was Karzai’s guard, saying that he was working as guard at one of the external gates and had no permit to enter the palace.(20111022)
— Rahmatullah Ramin, a fourth year medical student at Kabul University.
— Parwez, identified by only one name, who was studying at a private university in Kabul. 
— Abdul Hamid Mashal, a university student.
— Abdul Bashir, a man from Kapisa province in eastern Afghanistan, who was living in Kabul. 

Several of the individuals received explosives and weapons training in Peshawar, Pakistan, Lutfullah Mashal, Spokesperson of the National Directorate of Security NDS said. The group had access to $150,000 in a bank account (Kabul Bank?) in Kabul, he said, as well as access to computers and high-tech equipment. With its university ties, the cell was also well positioned to win more recruits, he said.

Western intelligence representatives did not comment. Some Analysts say the arrests may be seen as part of a plan to further discredit Pakistan.


The presidential security force includes more than 1,000 people, many of them loyalists from Karzai’s Pashtun Popolzai tribe and home town Karz in Kadahar Province. But his advisers worry that no security measure can prevent one of his guards from turning on him.

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