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Afghan-Canadian Community Centre (ACCC) Kandahar Director Head:
Ehsanullah Ehsan (20111003)

3. Biodata Ehsanullah Ehsan:
Ehsan is the Director of the Afghan-Canadian Community Center is an educator in the Kandahar area with extensive experience in providing courses in information technology, business management and English as a second language to male and female students. Ehsan’s students have gone on to establish schools, work as translators and obtain jobs with international agencies. Previously, Ehsan managed several training programs for Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. As a school administrator with more than fourteen years of experience, Ehsan is a respected member of the community, and has garnered significant support for the ACCC within the Afghan government and the people of Kandahar.

The Afghan School Project is an international volunteer initiative to support the Afghan-Canadian Community Center, a professional educational institution in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The ACCC provides more than 1,500 women and men with the opportunity to receive education in Business Management, Information Technology, English and Communications, while providing members of the community with access to the Internet and online classes from Canadian and international institutions.(20111003)

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