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The national Crisis Response Unit (CRU) provides Assault, Surveillance, and Support squadrons. Kabul has a  "elite" Afghan Crisis Response Unit.  The unit is a 285-member team of the 150,000-strong Afghan national police. They've only been in operation since 2005. The New Zealand 35 Special Air Service troops based in the Afghanistan capital are mentoring the local Crisis Response Unit. (20110914)

Currently, there are three National Mission Units: Crisis Response Unit (CRU) 222 in Kabul, Commando Force (CF) 333 in Logar, and the Afghan Territorial Force (ATF) 444 in Kandahar. Under the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan roadmap, the National Mission Units will grow from three to six, with new units located in Balkh, Herat, and Nangarhar provinces. While the units operate at the national level, Police Special Units are assigned provincially and operate throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. (20200126)

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