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Farahmand, Nasir

Name Farahmand, Nasir
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Intellectual Analyst
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
farahmand_nasirNasir Farahmand is a Herat-based professor ilntellectual who is an avowed secularist. He comments on revivial of Sufism in Afghanistan. Minister of Information and Culture Sayeed Makhdoom Raheem seeks to use Sufism as a moderating force against the Taliban even as he pressures Sufis to tone down their theatrical devotions ahead of reconciliation talks. He said: “Raheem is reviving Sufism and restoring khaneqahs [lodges] that encourage mysticism exactly because he believes that it can act as a tool to stop political Islam and the Taliban,” Has worked at AIHRC and studied at Herat University. He lives in Herat.

He is married

He is fluent in Dari, English and Pashto

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