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Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP IRP)
Reintegration Process Afghanistan

More than 3,000 Taliban militants, around 700 of them in Herat according to the government officials, have joined the government backed peace process over the past one year, a claim rejected by the Taliban outfit as baseless.(20121103)

An official of NATO in Afghanistan on 20120516 said that 4,400 insurgents had so far joined the Insurgency Reintegration Programme (IRP) since its launch in 2009.

Syed Anwar Ahmadti, governor of Sar-e Pol, said more than 600 insurgents had joined the government in his province in 2011 and confirmed that 200 had subsequently been judged fraudulent.

Sceptics allege the "insurgents" are in some cases only local men who are rounded up and given old weapons to hand in, so that local officials can appear efficient while also raking off a share of the reintegration money. (20120214)

BIA reported from Badakhshan province, Commander Mawlawi Abdul Hadi Jehad Maulvi Abdul Hadi from Daraim District along with 18 followers on the invitation of Prof. Borhandeen Rabani Head of High Peace Council joined this process with their hand arms.(20110825)

Twenty Taliban fighters under Mawlawi Fazlulllah gave up fighting and joined the government-backed peace process. Mawlawi Fazlulllah had served as key Taliban commander in Badakhshan province and was involved in anti- government activities, mostly in Shahr-e-Buzarg district over the past couple of years.(20120418)

Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Fatah along with nine of his men joined peace process in Argo district of Badakhshan Province (210120730)

A total of 30 Taliban, including their commander Mullah Sohbaat, renounce violence and joined the peace and reconciliation process in Shahri Buzurg district of Badakhshan Province (20120915)

Armed Taliban led by Mawlawi Imamuddin said they had abandoned war and are interested to join peace process to attend reconstruction of the county, Shahr-e-Bozurg district chief, Shir Ali told said. (20121120)
Mullah Naseer Ahmad and Dawlat Khan the local commanders of armed oppositions, who were involved in destructive and terrorist activities and fought against government forces in Tagab and Tashkan districts of Badakhshan province along with their 11 men joined the peace process and return to their normal life.(20150109)
The commander of a Taliban group with 18 members, Qari Abdul Khabir, and the commander of ta Taliban group with 11 members, Qari Eidi Mohammad,  so-called Governor for Tagab District of Badakhshan surrendered yesterday (20150222) and the other one made up from 11 members surrendered today.(20150223)


In June 2011 most of the fighters who joined the APRP in Badghis (around 400 out of 593) were Tajiks from Qadis district. Very few were Pashtuns from Bala Murghab district, the Taleban stronghold in the province, according to data from the Joint Secretariat in Badghis. There are conflicting numbers fighters who joined the APRP in Badghis Province.

In Badghis, some men were from the Bala Murghab district were accompanied by their commander Abdullah. Since March 2011, 782 armed men have joined the government peace process in the same province.(20110811)

A eight-member group led by Mullah Mahmud was active against the government in Maqur district Badghis Province. It surrendered a machine gun, a rocket launcher and four other weapons. (20110605)

Fighters loyal to Mullah Zarghoon from Daraye Bom District joined the government six months ago (Feb 2011).

A group of 11 insurgents led by commander Mullah Amanullah joined the government-initiated peace process in northwestern Badghis province (20110907)

One of the most renowned commanders to join the peace process was Commander Baba (known as Baba Aabuddin) from Andrab district. Others included Gul Rahman, also from Andrab, Mamor Malang and Abudullah (known as Commander Kalakof), from central Baghlan district, and Rahmat Shah of Broka Nahrain district. According to a police source in Baghlan, Baba Aabuddin joined the peace process three times, each time returning back to the insurgency. The last time Baba Aabuddin and 49 of his fighters surrendered, in November 2009, they fled again after six months, taking with them two police ranger vehicles. Now, Baba Aabuddin is fighting the government in Pul Hesar district, the policeman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, blaming him for highway robbery and other crimes. “Baba Aabuddin has more than 40 group members,” said Mohammad Salim a resident of Gan village in Pul Hesar. “Whatever he wants to do in this place, nobody can stop him.” Baba Aabuddin told Pajhwok Afghan News that he was sincere when he joined the peace process. “But the government did not fulfill the promises it made during the months when we were there. I gave food to all my group members, and then I saw that I can’t be part of the government.  I returned to my first place and now I am staying there.” (20110103)

In Baghlan  the locally known robber  Baba Abedin is said to have joined the previous reintegration programme four times, pocketing financial incentives each time. (20111110)

A armed group led by Mullah Deen Mohammad famous as Deenak with 12 guns joined peace process. The group had destructive activity against the government in Shahe Khail village belongs to Central Baghlan and some areas of Danad Ghor district, Baghlan Province. (20110521)

20 insurgents under the command of Hazrat Khan and Abdul Haq, joined the peace process and handed about 20 weapons, including Kalashnikovs and rockets, to government officials. The surrendered militants had been active in Baghlan-i-Markazi district of Baghlan province. Nearly 150 militants have joined the peace process in Baghlan over the last four months. (20110322)

Fifty fighters of Heszb-i-Islami Afghanistan, led by Gulbadin Hekmatyar, have jointed the peace process in the northern province of Baghlan. Led by Daud, Hafiz, Najib and Nadir, the groups were active in Baghlan-i-Markazi district. (20120119)

22 Taliban insurgents led by Mullah Yasin and commander Naem were active against government for sometime in Kokchenar village of Baghlan-e-Markazi district and joined the peace process. (20120318)

A 20-member group of Taliban, including their commanders commander Besmillah, Mullah Adel and Commander Joma Khan Sarkhaki have renounced violence and joined the peace process in Baghlan-e-Markazi district (20120125).

Twenty six Taliban fighters under Mullah Imam gave up fighting and handed over their weapons to authorities in Borka district (20120411)

Twenty Taliban fighters under Mullah Sayed Ahmad who were active in Nahrin district over the past couple of years gave up fighting. (20121129)

A Taliban group under Qari Zafarullah composed of 14 fighters laid down arms they were active in Jirga district.(20130113)

14 armed militants handed over their weapons to police. The group commander Mohammad Reza in his short speech called on government to accelerate reconstruction process and create job oppurtunities.(20130421)
24 armed oppositions joined peace process in relevant areas of Bano district in Baghlan province 20140719. The rebels , led by Qari Jamaluddin and Mohammad Yosuf, along with 24 weapons have been joined peace process. The insurgents had operated against government since six years. It is mentionable that, last week also 96 armed rebels have been joined to peace process in the province.(20140719)


A five-member rebel group linked to Hekmatyar-led Hizb-e-Islami led by Mullah Abdur Rahman, joined the peace process in central Bamyan province. The groupwas active in the Tala Barfak district of Baghlan.(20120118)

So far 200 fighters had joined the peace process in Balkh (20120728) According to the provincial peace council, around 300 insurgents have laid down their weapons in Balkh over the last 18 months.(20130220)

More than 100 militants vowed to give up violence and joined the Afghan peace process in northern Balkh province on 20111018. The men were active in Chemtal Chimtal and Char Bolak districts of Balkh province fighting against government Gen. Esmatullah Alizai, Balkh police chief, said. Led by Commander Nangyalay, the rebels also surrendered 60 weapons.(20111018)

In total, 10 armed Taliban on 20111030 joined peace process in Salarzai village of Char Bulak district in northern Balkh province.

A 12-member rebel group joined peace process in the Nahr-i-Shahi district of northern Balkh province, an official said on Wednesday. Led by commander Sardar, the individuals surrendered in the Afghania town of the district. (20111130)

Led by regional Taliban commander Mullah Naqibullah an 18-member militant group joined the reconciliation programme in the Chahar Bolak district of  Balkh province. (20120712)

Two armed opposition groups each has 15 members leaded by commanders Mullah Mohammad Dawood and Mullah Noor Mohammad residents of Charboldak district of Balkh province joint peace process. (20120906)

16 Taliban, including their commander Amir Gul, give up fighting. The former militants were active in Dihdadi district. (20130220)

Led by a former Jehadi commander, Mohammad Ali Sadaqat Sedaqat a group of up to 380 armed individuals joined peace process in central province of Dykudi.. But, the ministry of interior only confirmed 252 armed insurgents to be included by the group led by the commander. The armed individuals laid their arms were active in three districts of Khider, Sang-e-Takht and Ashtorlai, where they had been involved in anti-government activities. The main reason behind why the commander to oppose the government was his disregard by the government after the interim administration was established in the country. Commander Sadaqat was assigned as a highway lieutenant security chief between Badghis and Faryab provinces and is expected to practically start his work. According to him, those loyal to the commander, if eligible were also said to be recruited to police force and other organs. This is the first great government armed oppositions group joined peace process in the province, where a group of five had also joined peace process in Ashtarlai district, with the government endeavoring much to pave the way for those still remained in opposition with the government.

12 armed militants led by Mullah Abdul Rahim resident of Khoshk village, of Farah province with their arms joined to peace process.(20110919)

A 20-member rebel group led by Mullah Nooruddin Mullah Abdul Ghafar  has joined the peace process in western Farah province. The fighters had been active in Bakwah, Bala Baluk and Gulistan districts. (20120202)

A 11-member group of militants, lead by Mullah Yar Mohammad, surrendered to the government in the Khak-i-Safed district of Farah province.(20120527)

Six armed groups joined the peace process in Faryab province, according to governor Abdul Safaq, adding that their commander was Mohammad Ali.(20110811)

A 7 member group of armed insurgents led by commander Qader joined to peace process in Faryab province (20111213).

Nearly 40 militants including their commanders Mawlawi Zarif, Mawlawi Mohammad and Mawlawi Shafiqullah laid down arms and surrendered to authorities in Pasaband district of Ghor province. (20110208)

Around 100 armed insurgents under Mullah Abdul Karim gave up fighting and joined the peace process in the provincial capital Chighcheran city this afternoon (20120528)

Fifty-five insurgents, including their commander Fazal Haq, turned in their weapons to security forces. The surrendering elements had been active in Dulina district over the past five years. (20120531)

Thirty insurgents joined the government-initiated peace process in western Ghor province, taking the number of militants surrendering 2012 to 14 groups comprised of 300 men. Led by Mullah Abdul Karim, Mullah Zarif and Mohammad Musa, the former fighters reconciled with the government in Shahrak and Charsadda districts. (20120802)

Mullah Ferooz and Mullah Abdullah (two senior commanders of Taliban) with their 24 men joined to peace process in Ghoor province.  Mullah Ferooz and Mullah Abdullah operated against government forces in Doulena and Shahrak districts of Ghor Ghowr province. (20130209)
Fifty insurgents in Ghor  including their commanders Mullah Khudai Rahm and Arbab Samad laid down their weapons and surrendered to the government," provincial police Chief, Mustafa Mohseni said. The insurgents surrendered their weapons in Dawleena district of the province but a number of resident of Ghor have said that one of their commanders was involved in killings and crimes and they have called for his arrest by security forces.(20150921)


Two anti armed government groups in Sangin and Musa Qala districts of Helmand joined the peace process. The first group is consist of eight personnel with Abdul Bari their commander joined the peace process in Sangin district of Helmand, while surrendering the group handed over their weapons as well such as 11 PK, 1 RPG Rocket, and 4 Klashingov. On the same day another group of 11 people joined the peace process in Musa Qala district of Helmand province.
A few days earlier, in Marjah district of Helmand province a group of six insurgents had also joined the peace process.(20110108)

Abdul Sattar from Kajaki District shunned the insurgency as a result of efforts by the governor. Seven AK-47 assault rifles, one rocket-propelled grenade, a walkie-talkie, and a motorbike were turned over to the security personnel.(20120108)


Militants under Mullah Jalal were active in Shindand district Herat Province and now they are workingwith the government to establish security in the province, officials added.(20110320)
An Taliban fighter, who joined the peace process in the western province of Herat, hands a weapon to an intelligence official. The five-member group was under command of commander Khudai Rahim, officials said. (20110423)  and his supporters  surrendered five weapons and renounced opposition to the Government. According to APRP programme, each commander would be paid about 30,000 afghanis ($620) and each fighter about 15,000 afs. (20110921)

Twelve armed insurgents under Mullah Abdul Salam Dilawar handed over their weapons to security authorities in Adraskan district and joined the peace process (20111127)

A 10-member insurgent group laid down its weapons and surrendered to government in western Herat province on Wednesday, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement. The men and their commander, Mullah Gul Ahmad, are from the Adraskan District of Herat province, the statement said.(20111214)

30 irresponsible armed men joined the peace process in Obea district of Herat province  (20111228)

A commander named Arbab Malik joined the Afghan peace process along with his eight associates in a ceremony attended by Herat governor Dr. Daud Shah Saba and provincial police chief Colonel Sayed Agha Saqib and other provincial officials in Chesht district of the province. The individuals have also submitted their arms to the police in the province. Nearly 400 armed Taliban have so far surrendered in Herat province.(20120108) 

A 14-member group of Taliban fighters, including their commander Mullah Basir Ahmad, has renounced violence and joined the government in Shindand district of Herat province Tuesday morning (20120110)

Thirty more Taliban rebels surrendered in the Afghanistan's western province of Herat on 20120130, including their commander namely Mullah Abdullah Charsy. They have renounced violence and joined the peace process in Pashtun Zarghun district.

20 Taliban fighters under Mullah Abdul Ghani renounced violence and joined the government-initiated peace process in Gulran district on 20120220.

Taliban-designated district chief for Chesht Mullah Abdul Rahman Maldar along with his four associates on 20120514 joined government-initiated peace process in western Herat province.

A total of 15 Taliban fighters, including their commander Mullah Anis Akhond  joined the peace process in Shindand district on 20120514.

Commander Abdul Latif along with nine of his men joined peace process in Herat province 20120618. The group was active in Karukh district
So far in 2012  584 armed militants have joined peace process in Herat province.

Abdul Wahed Nazari, leader of 16 insurgents joined the Afghan government's reconciliation programme in western Herat province after internal disputes among the local Taliban in Gulran District.(20120712)

12 Taliban fighters under Mullah Baz Mohammad were active in Kushk-e-Kohna district over the past couple of years and were joining the peace process. (20121103)

35 Taliban headed by Mullah Nasir a senior commander of Taliban joined peace process in Herat province 20130218.They conducted anti-state activities in Shindand and Obas districts.

Jawzjan Jowzjan:
Lead by Mullah Mohd. Karim, Mullah Akhtar Mohd. Mullah Majeed and Mullah Mir Wais a sixty five member group, State’s oppositions joined peace process in Jawzjan province today.  According to National Security Directorate, two groups of armed oppositions joined peace process in Jawzjan province. These groups lead by Mullah Karim and Mullah Merwais, residents of Dasht-e-Laile, Jawzjan province, along with 30 armed individuals and 20 unarmed have joined peace process.(20110826)

A 45-member rebel group and their commander led by Mullah Akbar joined the peace process in the Darz Aab district of northern Jawzjan province,   the insurgents operated in Chakana and Jungle villages (20110914)

A 28-member rebel group, which joined the peace process in northern Jawzjan province, asked on Saturday for employment opportunities, an official said on 20110917. Led by Mullah Abdul Fatah and Mullah Abdul Hakim, the insurgents  operated in Darz Aab and Qush Tepa districts.

A 12-member militant group under their leader Mohammad Azim has joined the peace process. The group was active in Qush Tepa District. (20120208)
In Jawzjan Province 120 rebels joined the peace process. They were led by militant commander Maulvi Niamtullah who surrendered their weapons to the police. Niamatullah was previously active as a shadow governor and military director of militants in Jawzjan. The men would receive 6,000 as their salaries for six months and the council would help them provide with job opportunities. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the commander Niamatullah who he claimed was torturing people in collecting Zakat had already been expelled from the group.(20141230)

For more than a decade, Noor-ul-Aziz was one of the Taliban's most senior military commanders and spiritual leaders. A dedicated jihadi, originally from Kandahar, he fought all across the country, rising through the movement's ranks to become ''shadow governor'' of the northern province of Kunduz. But today, back in Kandahar, he is an ally of the very soldiers he spent a decade trying to kill - on the payroll of the armies he tried to defeat. Aziz is one of the highest-profile Taliban to ''come over'', as he puts it, joining a reintegration program designed to bring Taliban fighters back into the mainstream of Afghan society. (20110813)

Ten Taliban militants joined the peace and reintegration process in Kandahar Province August 4, 2011. The group of 80 Taliban under Mullah Shamsullah fought the government in Panjwai District.

Mullah Mohammad Jan and 15 men surrendered to authorities. The group leader was loyal to Mullah Abdul Rauf Khadim, who had been active in Kandahar and Helmand provinces, the official said. The group agreed to surrender with the help of Mullah Tor Jan, who had earlier joined the peace process.(20110605)

An eight-member militant group operating in southern Kandahar province. They  are  Residents of Panjwai district. The men, led by Commander Juma Kaka, gave up the insurgency as a result of efforts by the district chief and peace council members (20111102)

A group of 50 member from the government armed oppositions has joined peace process in Panjwaye the southern province of Kandahar. The group was led by Hajji Maullem who had been engaged in anti-government activities in some parts of Kandahar city and Helmand province districts such as Kajaki, Musa Qala, Sangeen and Greshk districts. (20111220)

10 members group of armed Taliban in Kandahar province  jointed to peace process 20120220  This group led by Mawlawi Zainullah had activity against Afghan and NATO forces in the outskirts of Panjwai district.

Nine militants, who had been active in Tani district of Khost, joined the process, the governor's house said in a statement. It said the surrendering men had promised to help the government in reconstruction and security sectors.(20111221)

Nine militants, including their commander Abdullah, joined peace process in eastern Kunar province. They were active against the government in Sarkano and Khas Kunar districts of the province, said Commander Abdullah.(20111224)

An 18-member group of Taliban including their commander Heydari laid down their arms and joined the government-initiated peace and reintegration process in Kunar. (20130211)

Kunduz: view: Kunduz - It’s a simple ABC of how to create crimes and misdemeanours: Hire hundreds of former insurgents or jobless mujahedin fighters as local police forces, put them “in training” without pay and leave them to their own devices on the streets for eight months. Officials say they are little more than gangs that wreak havoc, frequently clashing with one another and collecting illegal taxes from local residents. (20110826)

The rebel commander, Shir Aga, is a resident of Sar Asya EssaKheil village of Char Dara  district, he recently joined the peace process along with his associate. Shir Aga ,along with associate Sayed Aga, joined the peace process and brought with them rocket propelled grenades, two Russian made AK-47 guns, a semi-automatic pistol. (20110608)

A group of insurgents including their commander named Hazrat have laid down their arms and joined the Afghan peace process. "The group surrendered to government in Imam Saheb last night," said Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, a spokesman for 303 Pamir Zone. (20110115)

Four Taliban commanders Mullah Nabi, Mullah Abdullah, Omar and Gulistan, who had joined the process along with dozens of their fighters over the past five months in Kunduz, were assassinated.(20111010)

A Taliban commander, Maulawi Abdul Rahman, known as Maulawi Palang-e-Takhari, joined the peace process in Kunduz.(20120702)

A group of 14 armed insurgents led by Mullah Abdul Bari (aka Mullah Hassan) joined peace process in Aliabad district of northern Kunduz province. (20120719)

A ten-member group of armed militants under Mullah Zahidullah laid down arms and joined peace process in Kunduz city. (20121223)

18 fighters including their commanders Qari Bashr and Mullah Zaman formally renounced their Taliban ties. The insurgents have been fighting against security forces in the several parts of Kunduz.(20130310)

Laghman Lagman:
Mullah Mohammad Anwar together with his 11 followers joined the peace process. They also handed over their arms to the government which includes 4 AK-47’s, a rocket launcher, 3 binocular and a set of communication to peace process.(20110512)

Six Taliban militants joined the peace process in the Badpakh district of eastern Laghman province, the spy service said on Wednesday. The ex-militants were active in the Badpakh district, the provincial intelligence department said. Malik Nasrullah, an ex-fighter, said he could not put up with Pakistan's artillery shelling into Afghanistan. Mohammad Talib, 28, said he repented fighting against Afghan forces.(20111005)

The local Taliban commander Hafta Gul joined the reconciliation programme in Laghman province.He was active in Daulat Shah district. (20111221)

100 armed insurgents joined the  peace process in Laghman province 20120304.  Tey were led by commander Gul Zaman and they had activities against government in Doulatshah district of Laghman province.
Malik Hazrat, 17 fighters renounced their ties with the Taliban in Mehtarlam, the capital of Laghman, handing over their weapons to the government under the supervision of the National Directorate of Security (NDS).(20130828)

Asil, insurgents' commander from Sherzad District  with fifteen rifles joined the government. (20110803)

Commander Mohabat Khan with a five-member insurgent group joined the government  in eastern Nangarhar province. The group had been active against government and foreign forces in Achin district. (20130113)

Commander Zainulla and 29 of his fighters joined the peace process in northern Sar-i-Pul province on Monday, officials said. (20110613)

Mullah Shakoor  joined the peace process May 2011.

More than 500 militants have so far joined the peace process in the province and have registered themselves with the provincial peace committee.(20110813)

Uruzgan Oruzgan:
A 10-member insurgent group and their commander Jan Mohammad joined the government's reconciliation programme in the central province of Uruzgan on 20110915.

Mullah Samad  a Taliban local commander in Urozgan province with 11 of his followers joined the government today. He was activ against the government in the outskirts of Khas district of Urozgan province.(20120207)

Zabul Zabol:
A group of the Taliban militants and their Commander Mullah Borjan consisting of 10 fighters joined the peace process in the southern Zabul province. This is the third militant group who joins the government so far in 2011. This group was engaged in anti-government activities in the provincial center Qalat as well as Shahr-e-Safa district.(20111218)

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