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Haqyar, Haq Nawaz Brig Gen

Name Haqyar, Haq Nawaz Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

1. Provincial Police Commanders Kunduz:
Mutalib Baig Mutallib (2005),
Mohammad Ajub Salangi (20070519),
Brig. Gen. Mohammad Abdul Razak Razaq Yakubi Yaqubi Yaqoubi Yaqoobi (20090819 - 20100900)
Abdul Rahman Syedkhili killed by suicide bomer 20100310 in Kuduz City· (20100913 -20100310 )
Ali Razayie, acting Provincial Police Commander, former Deputy 303rd Pamir Zone ANP (20100311)
Maj Gen Samiullah Qatra (20110410, 20120901)
Maj Gen Abdul Khalil Andarabi (2012-20131000) dismissed
General Ghulam Mustafa Mohseni(20131024-)
Brig Gen Abdul Saboor Nasrati (20141227, 20150802)
Gen Mohammad Qasim Jangal Bagh (20150803, 20160609, 20170103)
Brig Gen Abdul Hamid Hameedi (20170104, 20180512)
Brig Gen Abdul Baqi Nuristani (20180512)
Col Manzoor Stanikzai (20190711)
Gen Rashid Bashir (20200603) died from Covid 19 infection
Brig Gen Haqnawaz Haqyar (20201213)
Qari Bakhtiar (20230407)

Deputy Police Commander:
Col. Abdul Rahman Aqtash Haqtash Akhtash (20090323, 20110322), was wounded in a suicide attack on Feb.1, 2011 in which the former police chief of Kunduz, Brig. General Abdul Rahman Sayed Khili, was killed.
Ghulam Mohammad Farhad (20120910)
Col. Abdullah Talwar (20130402, 20140319)
Sayed Jahangir Kiramat Sayed Jahangeer Karamat? (20140827)
Mohammad Masoom Hashmi Safi, deputy provincial police chief (20160731)

Counter Terrorism Department Head:
Col. Abdul Matin (20110606)
Abdullah Zemarai killed (20130125)

Head of the traffic police:
Sayyed Aslam Sadat killed (20130125)

Provincial Crime Branch Chief:
LtCol Abdul Ghaffar (20110525)

Deputy to Crime and Investigation Branch of Kunduz police:
Abdul Latif killed (20100401)

Spokesman for the provincial Police Chief:
Syed Sarwar Hussaini (20110612, 20140622)
Hijratullah Akbari (202009029
Senior police detective for Kunduz:

Col Ghulam Mohammad Farhad (20111204)

Kunduz Province has less than 1.000 policemen only. In the last 11 month 60 of them were killed. (20091118).

2. Previous Functions of General Haq Nawaz Haqyar Haqiar Haqnawaz:
Ministry of Interior (20070207),
Chief of the third police district of Kabul (20100616),
Kabul Police Zone 1 Commander (20071227)
Provincial Police Commander/Chief Maidan Wardak Vardak (20100628, 20110613)
General Haq Nawaz Haqyar Border police commander Kabul International Airport (20130000, 20140716,20150611)
Provincial Police Commander Lagman (20161120-20170307)
Police Commander 101st Asmayee Zone (20170307-20180219)
Porovincial Police Commander Kunar (20180512)
Provincial Police Commander Kunduz (20201213)

3. Biodata:
Brig Gen Haqnawaz Haqyar was Kabul's Zone 1 commander. Haqnawaz Haqyar, formerly the chief of the Third District of the city of Kabul. Haqnawaz has begun well, instituting regular staff meetings and urging commanders to seek training opportunities for their charges. He made himself accessible to the district COPs within his zone and reaches out to local elders.(20071227)

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