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Da Afghanistan Bank Central Bank

Name Da Afghanistan Bank Central Bank
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Function/Grade Ex Chairman, Supreme Council, Staff
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1. Former Heads Head of State (Central) Bank:
Dr. Anwar ul Haq Ahady Ahadi (2002 - 2004),
Noorullah Dilawari (2005 - 2007),
Abdul Qadeer Fitrat (20071117 - 20110627 ),
Noorullah Dilawari Delawari nominated and confirmed 20111123 and 20111126

Khalil Sediq Khalilullah Sediq Da Afghanistan Bank Governor and Chairman of Supreme Councii (20171215, 20180707)

First Deputy Governor and Deputy of Supreme Council:

Wahidullah Nosher (20161224, 20180311)

Member of Supreme Council:

Dr. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi (20180311)

Moh. Yasin Osmani (20180311)

Katrin Fakiri (20180311)


Central Bank spokesman:
Aimal Hashoor (20100907, 20110329),

Chief Adviser Central State Bank:
Syed Ishaq Alvi (20110328)

Members of the Supreme Council:
Abdul Qadeer Fitrat , DAB Governor and Chairman of Supreme Coucil (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors). resigned,
Mohibullah Safi, First Deputy Governor of DAB and Vice Chairman Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors).
Dr. Abdul Ghani Ghawasi Member of Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors).
Dr. Homayoon Qaumi Member of Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors).
Dr. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi Member of Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors).
Noorullah Delawari Member of Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors).
Ghulam Faroq Achikzad Member of Supreme Council, (Supervisory Board or Board of Directors). 
Mohibullah Safi – Acting Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank
Alhaj M. Issa Turab Second Deputy Governor of the Da Afghanistan Bank

Director General of the central bank's Financial Supervision Department:
Muhammed Qaseem Rahimi (20110206)
Head central bank’s licensing department:
Abdul Waheed (20180311)

20140109.   According to a recent report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a corruption watchdog, Afghanistan’s central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), lacks the required ability to regulate commercial banks. DAB is responsible for controlling license issuance and oversight of commercial banks activities to ensure compliance with the Afghan banking rules and regulations. Concerns from the international community regarding DAB’s capacity came in 2010 when Kabul Bank was on the verge of collapse. SIGAR then began its audit of DAB in 2010. Based on the report, DAB’s ongoing limitations and inability to conduct robust oversight allows for various weaknesses in the areas of personnel capacity, internal controls, accounting, credit analysis and compliance with regulations in Afghanistan’s commercial banks. The report suggesting seeking outside technical assistance; however, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of the Treasury (Treasury), the Department of State (State), and the Department of Defense have not provided technical assistance to DAB since 2011, when Afghan President Hamid Karzai banned U.S. advisors from working with the central bank. In addition, technical support from international organizations remains quite limited. U.S. agency officials stated that, following the Kabul Bank crisis, international organizations, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, became the primary providers of capacity development programs at DAB FSD. However, World Bank officials told SIGAR they are terminating one of the bank’s two programs with DAB because of unsatisfactory results caused, in part, by “a deteriorating security environment.” The IMF does not currently have any advisors assisting DAB. The report concludes that the Afghan banking sector remains unstable and at risk of experiencing another crisis similar to the near collapse of Kabul Bank.(20140109)

Afghanistan Central Bank Governor Adbul Qadeer Fitrat said on 20110627 in a hotel in a northern Virginia suburb of Washington he has resigned his post because he feared for his life for his role in investigating a scandal surrounding Kabulbank. Waheed Omer, the chief spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, told Reuters in Kabul that Fitrat's name was on a list of people the attorney general's office planned to prosecute over the scandal (20110628).

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