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Disqualified Wolesi Jirga MNA MP IEC Decision Aug 21, 2011

Name Disqualified Wolesi Jirga MNA MP IEC Decision Aug 21, 2011
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IEC Decision Sunday, Aug  21, 2011:

The Independent Election Commission IEC on Sunday (20110821) disqualified nine sitting MPs in favor of candidates previously certified as having lost last year’s Parliamentary election.

The head of IEC, Fazal Ahmad Manawi, told a press conference that the nine newly announced candidates were from among the list of 62 replacement candidates announced earlier by the special tribunal.(20110821)

  1. 1. Mahmoud Khan Salim Khel Mahmoud Khan Suliman Khil replaces sitting candidate Abdul Qadir Abdul Qadeer, Paktika province;
  1. 2. Abdu Rauof Saranwal Abdul Rawouf replaces Abdul Wali Niazai Abdul Wali Niazi, Badakhshan province;
  1. 3. Haji Ashuqullah Wafa replaces Muhammad Zahir Ghani, Baghlan province;
  1. 4. Ahmad Khan Samangani replaces Mohammad Tahir Zahir, Samangan province;
  1. 5. Gul Mohammad Pahlawan replaces Shakir Kargar, Faryab province;
  1. 6. Nesar Ahmad Ghoryani  replaces Mohammad Rafiq Shahir,  Herat Province;
  1. 7. Rahima Jami replaces Yasamin Barekzai, Herat province;
  1. 8. Malim Mirwali replaces Massoud Khan Nurzai, Helmand province;
  1. 9. Hamidullah Turkhi  Hamidullah Tukhi replaces Abdul Habib Andiwal, Zabul province.
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