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Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF)

Name Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF)
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1. Former Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) Chief Prosequtor:
Noor Habib Jalal (20100817 - 20110605)

Other officers of CJTF:
Communication Director / Spokesman:
Khalil Ul-Rahman Mutawakil (20101102)
Ahmad Khalid Mowahid Ahmad Khali Moahid Ahmad Khalid Moahid (20110605, 20171104, 20180501)
Press Officer: Ajmal Tarin (20110919)
Prosequtor: Khwaja Mohammad Ibrahim (killed in Kabul 20111120)
Judge CJTF appellant court:  Mohammad Halim (was shot dead in Kabul 2009)

Chief Judge of the CJTF Appeal Court,
Mrs. Mahroo Hamed, (20110605),
Chief Judge of the CJTF Primary Court, 
Mohammad Zaman Sangari (20110605),

Head of the CJTF Investigation and Laboratory Department, Noor Mohd Zazai 
Head of the CJTF Detention Center, Saifu Rahman Oryakhail   (20110605),

CJTF’s director:
Yar Mohammad Hussainkhel, Yaar Muhammad Hussain Khel, (20120408)

Former Director of Communications, Khalilu Rahman Motawakel  (20110605),
Former Director of the CJTF Prosecution Directorate, Noor Habib Jalal  (20110605),

Twitter: @CJTFCNT


Background CJTF:
The Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) was set up as an end to end, Afghan process to bring to justice those involved in serious narco-crime within Afghanistan. It was set up by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in May 2005 and has a mandate through the Counter Narcotics law to investigate and prosecute all serious drug-related offences from across the country. The CJTF was the first example of such a process in Afghanistan, and achieves its aims by co-locating secondees from the Supreme Court, the Office of the Attorney General, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice in one secure location. Gunmen shot dead Alim Hanif in Kabul, chief judge of the Central Narcotics Tribunal appeals court, soon after he left home to go to work, the Counter Narcotics-Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) said.(20080904)

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