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Almar District Faryab Province

Name Almar District Faryab Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief:
Mohammad Omar Muhammad Umar (20110726)
Saleh Muhamad Saleh (20120706)
Noor Mohammad Saeedi, was injured in a gun attack.(20120800)
Haji Mohammad Omer (2012)
Saleh Mohammad Saleh (20130825, 20150115)
Mohammad Saleh Saleh, Mohammad Saleh Monshi (20170103, 20171106) killed? (20171105) (20180403)
District Police Chief:
Mohammad Akbar Bashash (2012)
Nasim Qateh  was killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car (20170305)
acting district police chief Mohammad Amin Patang joined the Taliban on Wednesday afternoon, Mar 10,2021.


Almar is a district in the southwestern part of Faryab Province, Afghanistan. Its northern border is the national border with Turkmenistan. The population was estimated at 55,000 in 2002. The district centre is the ancient bazaar town of Almar, also known as Alaqadari-i-Almar or Almar Bazar. Located in a dry desert at an altitude of 847m, 35 km from Maimana, this town is a major supply centre for all the villages on the banks of the Band-i-Turkestan river.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Taliban captured Torbat village in Almar district.(20120927).

Taleban currently (20121127) control most parts of Almar, Qaisar, Ghormach, Qaramqol and Dawlatabad districts of Faryab at night and invest all their energy to expand their influence in other districts, too.
The Taliban have captured the district governor's office and the police HQ but the forces are about 200 meters away from the area.(20210311)

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