Afghan Biographies

Elmi, Hamed

Name Elmi, Hamed
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1962
Function/Grade Deputy Spokesman to President Karzai
History and Biodata

Hamed Elmi
Cell Phone: (0093) (0) 700 222 323

2. Previous Functions:
Stringer and Researcher BBC Eastern Services (1988),  Voice of Amerca Dari Service, Producer Radio Voice of Afghanistan (1983 - 2001)
Spokesperson to the President Hamid Karzai’s Campaign team during Afghanistan’s elections in 2004,
Cultural Attache Afghan Embassy Washington (20050500-20070000),
Ministry of Education Spokesman (20071100, 20080816)
Head Monitoring Department for the Office of the Spokesperson to the President at the Presidential Palace (2008),
Office of the Presidential Spokesman (OPS) Capacity building Consultant (2009)
Deputy Spokesperson and Head of Communication to the President (20090200),

3. Biodata:
elmi_hamedHamed Elmi Hamid Elmi was born on Oct 25, 1962 in Kabul.  in Nov. 2007.  Since beginning his career as a journalist, Mr. Elmi has authored six books as well as numerous articles on Afghanistan’s political and military situation, history and culture.

Elmi speaks English, Urdu and Dari

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