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UNSC sanctions committee has taken 14 more former Taleban off the black list. Among them are four Higher Peace Council (HPC) members and  three deceased men

1 - Mawlawi Arsala Rahmani s/o Muhammad Daulat, Deputy Minister of Higher Education during the IEA, now HPC member

2 - Habibullah Fawzi, Taleban ambassador to Saudi Arabia, now HPC member

3 – Sayyed-ur-Rahman Haqqani, Deputy Minister of Mines & Industries as well as Deputy Minister of Public Works during the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), also former diplomat at IEA Embassy in Islamabad; now HPC member

4 - Rahmatullah Wahidyar s/o Faqir Muhammad, Deputy Minister for Refugee Affairs during the IEA, now HPC member

5 - Muhammad Rabbani, Chairman of the Kabul-based IEA Ruling Council (Council of Ministers), deceased in Pakistan in April 2001

6 – Rafi’ullah Mu’azzen, deputy chief of the IEA Supreme Court, deceased

7 - Muhammad Sediq Akhundzada, Deputy Minister for Martyr and Repatriation

8 - Rahimullah Zurmati, Deputy Ministry of Information & Culture

9 - Abdul Ghaffur, Deputy Minister of Agriculture

10 - Muhammad Sohail Shahin, Second Secretary at the Taliban Embassy in Islamabad, also worked with IEA’s Sharia newspaper

11 - Shamsullah Kamalzada, Second Secretary at the Taleban Embassy in Abu Dhabi

12 - Sayyed Allamuddin Athir, Second Secretary of the Taliban Consulate General in Peshawar

13 - Muhammad Husain Mustasa’id, Head of the Academy of Sciences, deceased in Zabul 2007

14 - Muhammad Daud, Administrative Attache at the Taleban Embassy in Islamabad

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Established 2011-07-20