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Chairman of the Ariana Afghan Airlines:
Mueen Khan Wardak (20110710)
Ariana Acting President and Chief Executive Officer:
Saleem Rahimi (20210619)
Rahmatullah Agha, head of Ariana Afghan Airlines (20220610)

Senior Manager:
Tamim Ahmadi (20210903)
Qari Abdulrahim Gulzad, general manager of the Afghan flag carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines (202100913)

Ariana Afghan Airlines was established on 27 January 1955. During the 1970s, Ariana was considered a good standing, reliable airline. At that time, Ariana was owned 49% by Pan American World Airways and 51% by the Afghan government, and the airline operated aircraft such as the Douglas DC-10s, Boeing 727s, and Boeing 707s (as well as its 720 variant), exclusively offering international flights. Domestic flights were then operated by Bakhtar Alwatana. In 1985, Bakhtar absorbed Ariana, becoming Afghanistan's sole airline company. In 1988, Bakhtar's brand merged into Ariana's brand, thus creating an airline which could serve both short and long haul routes.

Following the overthrow of the Taliban government during Operation Enduring Freedom, Ariana began to rebuild its operations in December 2001. About a month later, the UN sanctions were finally lifted, permitting the airline to fly again. As a gesture of good-will and a step towards developing foreign relations with Afghanistan, the Government of India gave the state carrier three ex-Air India Airbus A300s. Ariana resumed flights to international destinations, and its first international passenger flight since 1999 landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India.

The entire Ariana Afghan Airlines fleet is on the list of air carriers banned in the EU. The rationale for the decision by the European Commission was the following (paraphrased):

  • During ramp inspections performed by German authorities under the SAFA programme evidence of serious safety deficiencies on the part of Ariana Afghan Airlines with regard to a certain aircraft on its fleet came to light (SAFA inspections No LBA-D-2004-269, LBA-D-2004-341, LBA-D-2004-374 and LBA-D-2004-597).
  • Ariana Afghan Airlines has demonstrated a lack of ability to address the safety deficiencies raised.
  • The air carrier in question, Ariana Afghan Airlines, did not respond in an adequate and timely manner to an enquiry by the civil aviation authority of Germany regarding the safety aspects of its operations. This demonstrates a lack of communication.
  • The regulatory authorities of Afghanistan, which have the responsibility for regulatory oversight of Ariana Afghan Airlines, have not exercised an adequate oversight over the aircraft used by this carrier in accordance with the obligations imposed on them under the Chicago Convention.
  • Therefore and on the basis of the common criteria the Commission assessed that Ariana Afghan Airlines did not meet the common criteria and therefore should be banned from operating aircraft within the airspace of the Member States of the European Union.

Ariana is corruption and incompetence riddled. Several Chairmen have been fired due to corruption. Necessary qualified staff is not employed and the Afghan Government is neglecting necessary financial backing to modernise and update the aging fleet and management capabilities of Ariana.

The Arianna Afghan Airlines Company has shut down its office in Islamabad. Mueen Khan Wardak Chairman of the Ariana Afghan Airlines has confirmed closure of the airline’s office in Islamabad, stated that this airline sustained a loss of USD 10,000 in each of its flight to Islamabad and the motive of this decision is lack of passengers. He added that the company cannot continue its flight to Islamabad, while the Kam Air and PIA have two flights per week to Kabul and Islamabad. Wardak noted in this respect that Pakistan airline has changed its big airplanes to small ones while Ariana haven’t such possibility.(20110710)

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