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Coalition for the Rule of Law

Name Coalition for the Rule of Law
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Parliamentarians of Wolesi Jirga on 20110622 formed a coalition named "The Coalition for the Rule of Law" Support for the Law parliamentarian Group Law Support Coalition LSC Law supportin coalition  to work for national unity, strengthen the judiciary and prevent powerful individuals from usurping the rights of others, a member of the coalition said. Speaking on behalf of other group leaders, Abdul Zahir Qadir, a lawmaker from the eastern province of Nangarhar, said the motive was to bring about national unity. The coalition is comprised of five groups – Peace Convoy Sola Karwan, Voice of Justice, Succession, Political Reform and Mission – and consists of 137 members of parliament. Some members broke away and "defected"  to the Reformist*s Coalition which supports President Karzai.

Qadir said the coalition would work to strengthen the judiciary and discourage powerful people from depriving ordinary people of their rights.

Of 249 members in the house, 104 are from the Law-Supporting Coalition, 106 are from Reformist’s Coalition, 38 are independent and one was killed in a Taliban attack in Kabul.(20101010)

The Law-supporting Coalition (LSC) on 20120105 opposed the opening of a Taliban office in Qatar for possible talks with the US.

Mrs. Shakiba Hashimi (20111010)

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