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Ten years after the first Afghanistan Conference in Bonn (Petersberg) in 2001, the international community is meeting in Bonn (again Petersberg) with 90 Nation attendees again on 5·December 2011. Together with Afghanistan, the goal is to give concrete shape to the long-term engagement of the international community and to advance the broader political process in the country.(20110622). Pakistan said on 20111130 it would not reverse its decision on boycotting the 2nd Bonn Conference, slated for December 5, on Afghanistan's future.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Afghan Government tries to invite the following "Opposition" figures to the upcoming Bonn II Conference (20110622)

1- Hajji Ibrahim, brother of Jalaluddin Haqqani, as the representative of Haqqani’s Network;
2- Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or his trustees as the representatives of the Hezb-e-Islami; and
3- Sayed Tayeeb Agha, Mullah Brother (Beradar) and Mawlawi Kabir as representatives of Taliban

In the lead up to the Bonn II Conference, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, former Taliban ambassador to Islamabad and Wakil Ahmad Motawakel, the Taliban’s foreign minister, traveled to Germany to talk to German officials.(20111128)

All of them have no mandate or any influence on the present Taliban, Insurgents or armed Opposition in Afghanistan. They are invited just for a political show to cover up, that neither the western countries nor the Afghan Government has substantial contacts to the trouble makers in Afghanistan.

The previous 2001 Bonn agreement is seen by many as the root cause of the current Afghanistan conflict. It was a victors peace attended by Washington's Afghan allies, who carved up the post-war status quo between them. The Taliban, and many of the Pashtun tribes associated with the movement, were not invited and have been excluded from power ever since.

In December 2011, ten years on, representatives of 90 nations and international organisations will convene on the former German capital again in the hope of at least starting to repair the damage. When this new conference was first thought up, European diplomats cautioned against drawing any conclusions from the coincidence of it falling on the tenth anniversary of the first. This would not be Bonn 2.0, they warned. It would instead just be a stock-taking on the road to 2014 and the transition to Afghan-run security and Nato withdrawal.

The possibility of Taliban participation in Bonn was being tentatively explored. Officially, there will be a single Afghan delegation to the conference, but European diplomats say there is flexibility in the make-up of that delegation. It could include representatives of the Kabul government and the Taliban.

Karzai is accompanied by Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul and National security advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta on the trip to Bonn.(20111125)

The Afghan Civil Society Coordination Jirga (ACCJ) chief on 20111029 said some individuals selected through a ballot process for participation in the second Bonn conference were not real civil society representatives. The 270-member ACCJ was established in August 2011. Based on a ballot process, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) had picked 34 representatives from Afghan civil society organisations for taking part in the conference. ACCJ chief Abdul Rahman Hotaki told a news conference the representatives should have been selected from organisations registered with the government. He claimed none of their member organisations had been invited to contest the election.

Two people have been appointed to speak on behalf of Afghanistan civil society organisations at the second Bonn Conference (Foreign Minister's Conference), which is scheduled for December 5 in Germany. The two civil society members named Abdul Bari Salam Barry Salaam and Sailai Ghafari Selay Ghaffari would demand the international community to put pressure on regional powers to stop interference into Afghanistan's internal affairs, a number of civil society members told a joint press conference in Kabul.(20111123)

Four· MNAs were selected to· represent Wolesi Jirga: Shah Gul Rezaee from Ghazni, Parvin Durrani, the representative of nomadic Kuchis, Shaista Baz Nasiri from Kunduz and Inayatullah Babar Farahmand from Jawzjan (20111124)

On December 5, 2011 in Bonn an international Foreign Ministers Conference on Afghanistan will take place – nearly exactly to the day ten years after the Petersberg Conference on Afghanistan. Afghanistan is chairing this year’s Foreign Ministers Conference, Germany is the host.

Pakistan took China into confidence over its decision to stay away from the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan.(20111130). Pakistan has asked Britain to mediate in its dispute with the US over the killing of 24 of its soldiers on the Afghan border, and has warned that the fallout could derail mooted peace talks with the Taliban and Barack Obama's timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by 2014.(20111130)

Afghan Civil Society Forum December 2nd and 3rd, 2011 in Bonn (World Conference Center Bonn WCCB), Germany
Also representatives of the Afghan civil society will ask to speak with their own political proposals regarding Afghanistan’s future. They will also come together for a conference in Bonn, the Civil Society Forum Afghanistan that will take place on December 2nd and 3rd. They will use the world public to express their expectations regarding the Foreign Ministers Conference and to present recommendations for Afghanistan’s political future.

The Civil Society Forum Afghanistan planned in Bonn is preceded by an intensive advice and consultation process. Under the overall control of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) most diverse civil society protagonists of Afghanistan meet in order to work out their positions for the Foreign Ministers Conference. What is more, the goal of the Afghan consultation process is:

• to elect a group of 34 delegates that will travel to the Civil Society Forum in Bonn at the beginning of December;

• apart from that to appoint two representatives from their circle who will participate in the official Foreign Ministers Conference and will introduce the positions of the Afghan civil society.

In this process, Afghanistan’s civil society representatives will be accompanied and supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the Heinrich Böll Foundation as well as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. In this Afghan process the German political foundations act as advisors and form a bridge between the Afghan and the German as well as the international public. What is more, they provide organisational and logistic assistance and ensure an exchange of information and transparency with the official Foreign Ministers Conference.(20110930)

German and Afghan journalists' organisations in a Seminar on 20111202 in Bonn have called for delegates of the 2nd Bonn Conference, scheduled for Dec. 5, to pay proper heed to the development ofAfghanistan's nascent media sector. Shahir Zahin, president of Killid Media Group, Danish Karokhel, director and editor-in-chief of Pajhwok Afghan News, Humaira Habib, director and editor-in-chief of Radio Sahar,Herat, Ghousuddin Frotan, director of the Kandahar-based Hindara Media and Youth Development Organisation, and Sayed Enaiatullah Najafizada of the Tarawesh Weekly attended the seminar.

Change and Hope Coalition members such as former minister of foreign affairs, Mahmud Saiqal, Najib Yousafi and Sultana Pronta were in the German city of Bonn to meet delegates on behalf of the coalition on the sidelines of the Dec. 5 conference.(20111203)

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