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Hamkar, Abdul Hadi

Name Hamkar, Abdul Hadi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Appellate Court Chief Zabul Province Zabol
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Attorney general of Kandahar appeal court (20100219)
Appellate Court Chief Zabul Province Zabol (20110612)

3. Biodata:
Abdul Hadi Hamkar, the Zabul appellate court chief had been removed from his position on corruption charges, and  he was fired amid reports that residents planned a protest against him. A source in the attorney office said local officials moved to prevent the demonstration, which they feared could turn violent. Later, Hamkar was flown to an unknown location. Residents and tribal elders also said Hamkar's services had been terminated as a result of their complaints to the governor, the AG Office and the Presidential Palace (20110611)

Hamkar said:  '' A prosecutor makes three thousand and fifty AF ($80-90) a month. What do you think is it enough for a family? I am saying that, definitely prosecutors would expect people to give them money because how much they make a month. They can say it is not bribe, it is a charity. Do not you think this is pity for us.''  Hamkar said they have seventy one vacant posts for prosecutors but there are six people working in Zabul Court. He added no body is willing to work on these positions because of the lowest salary.

Mohammad Daud Gulzar, a tribal elder, said they had evidence of the appellate court chief's involvement in graft and bribes. He said the official was removed after tribal elders, including Senator Zalmay Zabuli, threatened to boycott the government. Hamkar's removal was a result of that threat, he said. (20110607). But obviously he was not fired.

Hundreds of residents took to the streets on 20110614 calling for the removal of the Zabul appellate court's chief. Led by provincial council members, the protestors warned of blocking the highways leading to the provincial capital, Qalat, if the judge, Abdul Hadi Hamkar, was not fired (20110614)

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